Nintendo adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch
Nintendo adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch

Nintendo unexpectedly announced that the Switch platform will support Bluetooth audio through a software update.

Since the platform launched in 2017, the ability to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to in-game audio has been absent, and it's clearly a missing feature. But there are some limitations.

According to the company's support article, when a user connects a Bluetooth headset, only two wireless controllers can be used.

The platform can only sync with one audio device at a time. However, it can register up to 10 devices in the entire system.

When paired with an audio device via Bluetooth, only two wireless controllers can be connected at the same time. Connecting an additional wireless controller disconnects the audio device via Bluetooth.

In addition, the system does not support Bluetooth microphones because the company's voice chat system is based on applications running on mobile phones.

However, this is a problem for people who use the built-in voice chat feature to play games.

The limitation of the wireless controller may be the reason why the company has not enabled the Bluetooth audio feature for four-year-olds.

As a result, some Switch users have switched to using external adapters to connect their Bluetooth headphones to the device.

Some headsets, such as the SteelSeries Arctis 1 wireless headset, have a dongle that uses the switch's USB wireless headset support.

Built-in Bluetooth audio is important, especially since the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, unlike many other devices, does not have a headphone jack.

Nintendo adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch

The platform owner must download the latest firmware patch. From there, you can find the Bluetooth audio option on the system settings page.

After selecting the pairing, the Switch will search for available Bluetooth audio devices and connect to the device if it is found.

The latest firmware update also includes the ability to update the software via the switch platform. But only for new platforms with LAN ports of switched OLED models.

According to the update history, the update also adds some features to make wired internet more useful. The device can also maintain an internet connection in standby mode via the switch or LAN port built into the upcoming OLED switch platform.

The company said that it helps the platform download content when it is idle and the feature is turned on by default.

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