Push is Google's answer to Apple's Handoff feature
Push is Google's answer to Apple's Handoff feature

Over the years, Google has used features like the Phone Hub to better integrate Android phones and Chromebooks. But with the new push functionality, the search giant appears to be closer to offering a convenient alternative to Apple's delivery functionality for Mac and iPhone devices.

For the past several years, the company has been working on Better Together to make Android phone and Chromebook ownership more seamless. Today's integration includes phone hubs, instant network sharing and smart unlocking.

After noticing the first February preview of Android 12, 9to5Google recently spotted an update that revealed a promising feature for Google's upcoming phones and laptops.

According to the report, Push is a new button in Android 12 that lets you use your phone's apps directly from your Chromebook when you're at home, making it easier to switch between devices without wasting time figuring out where you left off. Allow.

On Chrome OS devices, Android phone shipments are handled by a new feature called Eche that supports Android phone mirroring apps.

The inclusion of the string (com.google.pixel.exo) indicates that the new payment functionality only applies to Google Pixel phones, at least initially.

The job classification states that both devices must be on the same local network. This is almost a requirement for mirroring services for all applications on desktop and laptop computers.

Google wants to combine Android and Chrome OS

It is said to use WebRTC, the same technology Google Duo uses for video chats. Unlike video chat, the service also sends additional data back and forth.

Currently, there are two ways to transfer apps from phone to Chromebook: First, open the Recent menu in Android 12, then manually press the push button. Next, tap on any of the mirroring notifications that appear in Chrome OS without touching the phone.

Push appears to be streaming the video source from your phone to your Chromebook. Instead of running new apps locally on your Chromebook.

This approach is odd because most Chromebooks have the ability to run Android apps natively.

When Google wants to save the current state of the app on your phone so that it can be sent to your Chromebook and reopened there. This process may require developers to make significant changes to the programming of their applications. This can make this feature difficult to implement in millions of different Android apps.

It's not clear when the new Google push features for Android phones and Chromebooks will be officially available. However, there are rumors that the company is planning a new event this fall (most likely October) to showcase the Pixel 6 and other devices. Payment can be released before the end of the year.

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