Amazboost Cell Phone Signal Booster for All U.S. Networks
Amazboost Cell Phone Signal Booster for All U.S. Networks

Amazboost Cell Phone Signal Booster for Cars, Campers, Trucks, Buses or SUV 5 Bands Suitable for All Network and US Network Operators - Verizon, AT&T Sprint T-Mobile | LTE 4G 3G 2G signal

6 detachable antenna design

1. Compared with the traditional antenna, the performance improvement of six antennas is enormous and obvious.

2. Compared with a single antenna operating in all frequency bands, any improved antenna operating in an independent frequency band can at least double the signal reception and transmission capabilities.

3. We also designed 6 detachable antennas to make the whole product very portable.

All-weather waterproof roof support

IP67 water resistance, operating temperature range from -10 Fahrenheit to -140 Fahrenheit.

Smallpox installation

1- Placing the booster on the roof can reduce the cable transmission loss from the external antenna to the booster, double the maximum communication distance, and you can also get better and faster data communication capabilities.

2. Save installation space in the car. In addition to the size itself, the Booster takes up a lot of space due to the actual situation of the wired connection and the connection of the power cord, and the main relay module has completely solved this problem.

3- Ultra low noise and top speed.

 1.Quick and durable installation:

On the underside of the booster there are 3 strong magnets that can attract the device to the surface of ferrous materials (we also supplied metal stickers for mounting to aluminum or fiberglass reinforced plastic surfaces).

The bottom is also equipped with mounting holes for permanent installation. You can make special fitting treatments according to your own condition.

2. Indoor antenna installation:

There are two strong Velcro straps on the underside of the indoor antenna, and the device can pull them to the side of the seat.

Portable cell phone signal booster

There are 6 antennas on the roof in a removable all-weather position

indoor antenna

The indoor antenna also serves as a DC power supply, and the inner circuit supplies DC power to the outdoor unit via the cable.

Really portable

It can be assembled and stored quickly and easily, enabling quick transfer between different vehicles

Amazboost Cell Phone Signal Booster for All U.S. Networks
Amazboost Cell Phone Signal Booster for All U.S. Networks

  •     Compatible with all US carriers: We have developed a new, more portable, vehicle-mounted mobile signal booster that consists of a ceiling amplifier and a powerful omnidirectional external antenna, suitable for all US carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, US Cell Phone, etc.
  •     Better antenna configuration: We designed 6 antennas in detachable position as well, which makes the whole product portable. Compared with the traditional single antenna, the 6 antenna signal booster can improve the signal reception and transmission capabilities at least twice. It enables you to reduce dropped calls and enjoy a stable signal on the go.
  •     Disadvantages of placing the booster on the roof of the car: firstly, it reduces the transmission loss of the cable from the external antenna to the booster, which doubles the maximum contact distance, and secondly, it saves space when installed in the car. Due to its special size, the booster takes up a lot of space due to the physical location of the cable connection and power cable connection.
  •     EASY TO INSTALL: One of the easiest cell phone signal boosters on the market. No drilling needed, just install the outdoor antenna on the roof of the car, open it up and take it out of your car and put the indoor antenna on the front seat.
  •     FCC Certification: The booster complies with the requirements of applicable standards. FCC certification number: A7V-SR87503001. It is approved to operate at bands 12, 13, 17, 5, 25, 2, and 4 without interrupting or damaging the cellular signal from the cell tower.

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