andfive Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for Men Women
andfive Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for Men Women

Andfive US-SW-001 Smart Watch 1.69 Inch Touch Screen Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch for Men Women Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Pedometer Stopwatch Activity Tracker for Android ios

full touch screen

Andfive smart watch provides a great scrolling experience. You can scroll to any user interface without hesitation.

Long battery life

And five smart watches provide a standby time of one month (for time display only) that can be fully charged in 1.5 hours to avoid the problem of running out of battery.

IP68 waterproof

With IP68 waterproof protection, this watch can handle various water sports and the data will not be inaccurate.

A variety of functions

Andfive has a lot of useful features like stopwatch, countdown timer, etc. More features are waiting for you.

weather condition

If you want to check the weather, just raise your wrist without taking your phone out of your pocket.

music control

After bluetooth connection, you can control play previous/next song and pause/play music on the watch.

andfive Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for Men Women
andfive Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for Men Women

  •     1.69" HD color touch screen: The five smart watches are equipped with a new generation 1.69" color touch screen. The color quality and tactile response are greatly improved, which gives you a great experience unlike the 1.4 inch watches. It comes with 5 watch faces and you can download a variety of different watch faces on the Grolyfit app depending on your style.
  •     24 Sports Modes to Choose From: Five Sports Watches offer 24 sports modes, including not only running, cycling, swimming and yoga, but also basketball, baseball, volleyball and sports. Other ball modes allow for all sports enthusiasts. All of them have accurate tracking data to help them develop their training program.
  •     LONG LIFE BATTERY LIFE AND IP68 WATER RESISTANCE: Our activity tracker offers a minimum of 7 days battery life and a maximum of 30 days standby time when not in use. The excellent IP68 waterproof performance can easily deal with different usage scenarios in life, so you don't have to worry about the damage caused by water ingress. To extend the service life, please do not wear it in the hot water environment of more than 100.4℉, such as B. In a hot bath, sauna, hot spring.
  •     Heart rate monitoring and sleep quality monitoring: Five fitness trackers support all-day heart rate detection, so you can view the most accurate heart rate data anytime and anywhere. Depending on your heart rate, sleep tracking can help you better understand the quality of sleep each night. It can also track your time in light, deep and rapid sleep from eye movements and save data.
  •     SMS reminder and other useful functions: Five smart watches support SMS display on the watch, and you don't need to take out your phone to read it with your wrist. Supported applications: Facebook, Line, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Messeger, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc., as well as useful functions such as stopwatch, timer, flashlight, music control, etc.

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