Baocanshe Prompt Speed Laser Radar Detector for Cars
Baocanshe Prompt Speed Laser Radar Detector for Cars

Baocanshe Car Laser Radar  Detector, Instant Speed, City/Highway Mode, 360 Degree Detection Strategy, Radar Detector Kit with LED Display (Black)

Introducing highly heterogeneous technology with ultra-fast sampling circuits.
◆ - Extra detection range and the best early warning, even the fastest radar gun.
- Detects the Ku-band radar gun currently in use in Europe.
◆ - Discover the latest radar gun in popup mode (very fast mode).
- Auto Relative Speed ​​Mute removes false positives.
◆ - The automatic shutdown function of the relative velocity sensor makes your detector unable to be identified by currently available radar detectors.
Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detectors.
◆ -Even in the event of a power failure, the radar warning settings can be saved electronically indefinitely.

  •     [360° Radar & Laser Detection] - The speed radar detector uses the latest 360° laser detection technology for front, side and rear detection, the high-sensitivity platform provides warnings, the tape and laser speed damper allow all US frequencies to pass through. The accuracy is high, the false alarms are automatically reduced, and the driving safety is guaranteed.
  •     [Easy to Use, City/Highway Mode Optional] - Simply insert a non-slip mat into the DC12V power cord. The optional City / Highway mode allows you to choose the mode that can reduce the load. Alias ​​in densely populated urban areas. Wide Wide Covariance technology helps you to increase the detection range and accuracy of the sampling circuit at a very high speed.
  •     [LED Digital Display & Clear Voice Reminder] - It can detect any fixed or moving speed camera, detect the forward speed from 200-1000m, respond quickly with voice guidance to warn of driving; Equipped with a 360-degree laser eye detector, it is equipped with a color screen with digital signal strength indicator. Digital audio ads can help you keep your eyes on the road.
  •     [V7 Radar Detector Range] -X-10.525GHz +/-100MHz, K-24.150GHz +/-175MHz, K-24.125GHz +/-175MHz, KU-13.450GHz +/ - 125MHz, Ka-34.700GHz +/-1300MHz, Ka 33.400GHz +/-1300MHz, Laser Beam -904MHz +/-33kHz, VG-2-11.150 +/-175MHz Wireless transmission Hz: 2.4GHz +/-410KHz
  •     [Risk-Free Testing] - Comes with 1 x radar detector, 1 x power cord, 1 x non-slip mat, and a box with user manual; We strive to provide you with high quality security products. We will appreciate this Radar Detector 90 Days Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee and 24 Months Replacement Warranty as well as 7*24 hours technical support. If you have any questions, you can email us directly at the shopping center. We usually respond within 8 hours.

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