Eazieplus FI-362C Indoor Security Cam with 2-Way Audio
Eazieplus FI-362C Indoor Security Cam with 2-Way Audio

Eazieplus Pet Camera, Indoor Surveillance Camera with Two-Way Voice Remote Control, Real-time Viewer Function, 2.4G WiFi IP PTZ Camera with 1080P Night Vision Function, Home Motion/Voice Recognition, Alexa Compatibility

Intelligent motion tracking

Once motion is detected, the main camera will start recording and send notifications in case you want to see what happens when motion detection is enabled. When motion is detected, the indoor camera will automatically track the moving object.

Clear day/night display

Are you still worried about not knowing what happened at home at night because you can't see clearly? This night surveillance camera will help you solve this problem. Equipped with 1080P HD night vision, you will get a clearer view than others in the middle of the night.

remote live view

Are you on the road or always worried about the security of your home? WiFi security camera gives you security. By connecting your home camera to WiFi, you can connect to the APP to monitor your home anytime and anywhere.

Two-way conversation

With the real-time view and two-way audio function of this indoor security camera, you can watch, listen and talk to people and pets on your smartphone at home. No matter where you are, you can look at your home and talk to the people in your home.

Share with family

Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and tablets, you can monitor your home by connecting to the app on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Neither time nor place nor costs are required. Share with your family. All you need is an application and have a good time with them.

Collaborate with Alexa

Do you have an echo show? Our kids camera supports Alexa and can be used with Alexa. If your hands are occupied with housework, office work or cooking while taking care of your baby, this baby monitor will solve your problem. Just say "Alexa, show me the nursery" and you'll know what the baby is up to.

Eazieplus FI-362C Indoor Security Cam with 2-Way Audio
Eazieplus FI-362C Indoor Security Cam with 2-Way Audio

  •  [Easy Setup 2.4G WIFI in Minutes] Follow the instructions and you can easily set up this pet camera in minutes and monitor what the puppy does after leaving work at any time through the mobile app.
  • [HD 1080P Night Vision] The HD 1080P indoor security camera resolution allows you to see clear day and night. Equipped with a home camera with 8x digital zoom, you won't miss any details, even in the dark. Track your home at any time!
  • [360° Motion Tracking & Instant Alert] With 355° swivel and 100° tilt, you can remote control the WIFI IP camera to monitor all angles and track your puppy's whereabouts in real time. If your phone is barking or moving, an instant alert will be sent to your phone.
  • [Two-way Audio and Interaction] This security camera has a built-in microphone and noise-canceling speaker. You will be glad that you can not only monitor your animals remotely, but you can also talk to them or calm them while you work. Your puppy will not feel lonely from "long distance companionship."
  • [Optional SD/Cloud Storage] Record your 24/7 video/alarm clock on a local SD card (maximum 256GB) or save your video/photo alerts to cloud storage where you can watch, view, download and delete. Equipped with advanced encryption technology, you don't have to worry about exposing your privacy.

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