Esimen Oculus Quest 2 LED IR Illuminator Infrared Flood Light
Esimen Oculus Quest 2 LED IR Illuminator Infrared Flood Light

Esimen infrared LED flashlight is suitable for Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest VR has better headphone tracking. Immersive hand tracking. No anti-interference light to improve tracking sensitivity.

  •  ✅ [Play In The Dark] Nobody knows you're playing VR in the dark and the lights won't disturb your family's comfort when the lights are off. We provide you with good night vision images, suitable for outdoor and night.
  • ✅ [Invisible Light] 850nm wavelength infrared light activates the headset tracking system, increases hand tracking sensitivity and no longer requires indoor lighting.
  • ✅ 【Immersive Experience】 With Jingdian LED light source, you can play VR games with this light in a completely dark environment, and the nose light will not bother you anymore.
  • ✅ [Quest 2 Vompanion] If you accidentally leave the game's security boundaries, you don't need to remove Oculus Quest 2. The infrared light will illuminate you and your family, you can see things clearly even in the dark, and it will help you find the phone, water and snacks.
  • ✅ [LARGE PLAYING SPACE] You can play VR in the backyard at night and expand into a very large playing area. You will get a complete package that includes an infrared light and a 12V/2A adapter.

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