Eufy security T81241W1 olar-Powered Wireless Camera
Eufy security T81241W1 olar-Powered Wireless Camera

Eufy Security SoloCam S40 Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera Solar Camera Integrated Battery Solar Panel Focus Camera 2K Color Night Vision Wireless WiFi No Monthly Fee

control your voice

Wherever you are, when your hands are full, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to track signals on the SoloCam.

Breeze installation

Setting up SoloCam only takes a few minutes. It is completely wireless and can be placed almost anywhere. In fact, it is quite simple and does not require contact with expensive builders.

restricted area

Create a private activity area to cover the most important parts of your home. You will only receive a warning if movement is detected in the specified area.

Minimize false positives

Only receive important warnings because the AI ​​on the device only tells you where it sees people, not animals or vehicles passing by.

security strike

Once the visitor is identified, the SoloCam S40 sends the snapshot directly to the eufy Security app on your phone.

blind summon

If you find a suspicious person outside your house, there is no time to waste. Even if you are outside and at night, you can send out a 90 decibel alarm and flash the projector directly from your mobile phone.

Eufy security T81241W1 olar-Powered Wireless Camera
Eufy security T81241W1 olar-Powered Wireless Camera

  •     Lasting solar-style power: There's enough sun to power the SoloCam S40 continuously every day, so you don't have to worry about changing batteries. When the sun goes down, the built-in battery keeps the juice flowing.
  •     Night Light: Once motion is detected, the ultra-bright 600 lumens projector turns on to highlight unwanted guests, while full-color night vision captures details in the dark at 8 meters.
  •     The key is in the details: Capture every action at home in 2K Ultra HD.
  •     NO HIDDEN FEES: SoloCam is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees or hidden fees. Everything is done on the device to ensure absolute security and transparency.
  •     Associated Recording: Built-in AI ensures that the SoloCam S40 only records when people and no animals are present.

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