FASTSNAIL Dust Proof Filter Cover for Xbox Series X
FASTSNAIL Dust Proof Filter Cover for Xbox Series X

FASTSNAIL Xbox Series X Dust Cover, Dust Filter Cover Kit, Compatible with Xbox Series X, Including 8 PVC Mesh Filter Covers and 4 Rubber Grip Covers

8 dust shields prevent dust, animal hair or dirt from entering your console, protect electronic components, extend their service life, and enjoy more games
4pcs of non-slip thumb grip cover, easy to install, makes your control more precise and convenient.

  •     PERFECT Dust Cover: Please note that these dust covers are only available for Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X Mesh Dust Filter prevents dust, pet hair or small debris in your console, protecting internal and electronic components from cleaning and continually improving them.
  •     HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of flexible and durable PVC plastic, strong and high temperature resistant materials can be used to protect your host from dust for many years without oxidation or brittleness.
  •     Precise cutting: Precise cutting, the dust-proof filter bag can perfectly cover every air outlet of the host. A small hole with a diameter of 0.5 can prevent more than 80% of dust from entering and will not affect the fan.
  •     Installation is simple and convenient: no screws needed, just pull the film back and stick it around the hole. Please clean the surrounding air vents before installation.
  •     What You Get: 8 Dust Fans (3 sizes), 4 rubber thumb grips. If you want to keep your Xbox Series X console safe from dust buildup in unnecessary parts, buy this perfect product.

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