FASTSNAIL Vertical Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X
FASTSNAIL Vertical Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

FASTSNAIL Xbox Series X Vertical Fan, USB Powered Fan Cooling Stand, with USB Hub, On/Off Switch, Compatible with Xbox Series X Controller

The extended USB port can power the Xbox Series x console charger or use it as a data transfer interface, for example to connect a game console or memory card.

The control switch with LED indicator can help you turn it on or off as needed, suitable for Xbox Series X cooling system.

On-site external USB power interface, fed directly from Xbox USB.

Physical and vertical installation, easy to install and disassemble, no residual damage or surface damage.

It perfectly matches the style and performance of the Xbox series console and is one of them.

  •     ★ IMPROVED COOLING SYSTEM: Fastsnail fan The vertical fan is specially developed for Xbox Series X. A stand-alone, high-speed, quiet, powered fan can quickly and efficiently cool your Xbox Series X console and eliminate overheating from excessive gaming.
  •     Vertical fan: In contrast to the bottom fan, the DC vertical fan works better with the CPU fan and the CPU fan and speeds up the internal heat dissipation of the air. You don't have to worry about overheating which will freeze the game and extend the life of the host. The fan speed is 4000 rpm, which reduces noise or increases air flow. The silicone pad on the back of the fan can reduce the wear and tear on the host from the fan's vibration.
  •     Durable and Safe: Made of strong ABS material. There is an air cylinder behind the fan. By inserting the air cylinder into the ventilation frame, the device can securely attach the ventilator to it without dropping or damaging it. (The convenient physical installation may be a little loose, please pay attention to it before purchasing.)
  •     Easy to use: The fan is simple and compact, does not take up space, does not require a special adapter, and is equipped with a USB interface. Simply plug in the USB port on the back of the console and press the button to turn it on.
  •     ★ Extra USB Port: With an extra USB port, your console will never lose a USB port by inserting a fan.

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