FIBARO The Button Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller On-Off Trigger
FIBARO The Button Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller On-Off Trigger

Fibaro Z Wave Plus, Stage Control Button, FGPB-101-1, White

This button is a simple Z-Wave scene controller that allows you to enable or disable any device or scene on a Z-Wave network. The button can recognize up to 6 different operations; 1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, 4 clicks, 5 clicks with hold. It is battery powered and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Set it up on your bedside coffee table for a quick overnight shutdown of your home. With one press of a button, the system can, for example, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and set alarms. The button has 8 different colors that can be combined with any interior decoration. Compatible with most Z-Wave hubs, such as Home Center 2, Home Center Lite, SmartThings, Home Seer, Vera, Nexin and Claret.


Thanks to FIBA ​​RO, you always know what's going on at home. The system notifies you of all disruptive events and reacts immediately, for example by closing the mechanical valve to prevent leaks or to activate the alarm when unwanted movement is detected. It protects and takes care of your entire home.


FIBARO Smart Home provides you comfort and support in your everyday life. With a single click, gesture or word, you can easily control your home appliances, lighting, curtains, temperature, alarm, monitoring or sprinkler system. Most importantly, you can do this from anywhere in the world.


With FIBARO you can constantly monitor energy consumption. You can save money by turning off the lights in empty rooms or by adjusting the temperature to suit individual needs and current weather conditions, saving money and preserving the environment. .


No cables = non-surgical installation and repair! FIBARO does not have to connect the building structure or electrical installations. Our technology is wireless, modern and secure, so you can add more and more devices in a completely non-invasive way.

FIBARO manufactures Z-Wave devices and devices compatible with the Apple HomeKit platform. These are two separate series of devices that are modified according to the needs and preferences of our customers.


With the FIBA ​​RO Home Center app, you can connect, manage and control your home anytime and anywhere in the world. Using the application, you always know what is going on in the house and can react instantly and control everything in case of danger. The FIBARO Central App has been developed and updated with the help and feedback of more than 1000 professional users of our system. We work hard every day to improve and expand its features to meet all users' needs.

FIBARO The Button Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller On-Off Trigger
FIBARO The Button Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller On-Off Trigger

  •  Simple and efficient: With the FIBARO button, you can control every connected and integrated device in your Z-Wave Smart Home with just one click. Enjoy the simplicity of this solution with a unique and recognizable 'button' design.
  • One device, many possibilities: don't limit yourself, the FIBA ​​RO button allows you to select different actions depending on the number of clicks! emergencies? Click once. Do you want to know your home? Double clicks. Leave the house and shut down the whole place? Click three times. This button can be clicked up to six times!
  • Safe and reliable Z-WAVE protocol: Like many other FIBA ​​RO products, Button is equipped with one of the most secure protocols, the Z-Wave radio protocol. Thanks to the replaceable battery, you can install it anywhere, on the refrigerator, under the table or even hidden on the shelf, your smart home, your smart base.
  • Be careful or blink, it's up to you: the FIBARO button is available in 8 colors: from subtle white to brilliant brown to brilliant red or even brilliant yellow! Different colors, same satisfaction.
  • A hub necessity: Like all Z-Wave products, this button also requires the use of a Z-Wave hub due to its short response time and advanced technology. Check out our FIBA ​​RO delivery point solutions or make sure your hub supports FIBA ​​RO products.

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