Fishda SuperTracker Full USA Coverage GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Fishda SuperTracker Full USA Coverage GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Fishda TK62 GPS Tracker for Vehicles. SuperTracker covers the entire United States. 30-day battery life, IP67 magnetic waterproofing, 4G LTE real-time tracking of vehicles, assets, fleets, etc. You must subscribe.

SuperTracker 4G LTE GPS Tracker
Real-time GPS tracker Super Tracker closely monitors the location and walks everywhere with caution while providing you with real-time updates.
Whether you are protecting expensive appliances or items from theft or monitoring the tracks of delivery drivers,
Super Tracker Real Time GPS Tracker gives you the real tracking performance you need.
The device is very suitable for vehicle tracking, after placing the device on the target vehicle, it has a battery life of 20 days, super magnetism and IP65 waterproof.
Its location and movements can be tracked anywhere on the phone or tablet. You can easily monitor the device with the Super Tracker app.
For example, you can set up special notifications to let you know when the tracker reaches a specific location. With the geofencing function you can follow
Mark the perimeter on the map and receive a warning when the target enters or leaves the area. You can also save historical tracking data and even get custom reports
By pooling the data collected regardless of the device's location, you can ensure that you have accurate information about its location.
Using advanced satellite technology, you can pinpoint the exact location of a target within 15 feet.
Super Tracker's battery life can be up to 20 days, so it doesn't need to be charged all the time. To enable close monitoring,
Super Tracker is the best device that offers reliable service and advanced features at the cheapest prices.

Fishda SuperTracker Full USA Coverage GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Fishda SuperTracker Full USA Coverage GPS Tracker for Vehicles

  •     Fast 4G coverage in North America: Travel across states and countries without losing important data. The TK62 works with the ultra-fast 4G network in the US to get the most accurate location and protect your vehicle.
  •     Long battery life: Built-in 8000mAh battery: The smart device has three modes: normal mode, smart mode, and power saving mode. Automatic switching to ensure your devices are more energy efficient and comes with an IP67 waterproof outer shell to adapt to the harshest environments.
  •     Geo Fence, Smart Alerts and Reports: Create a custom Geo Fence Zone to warn you when the GPS tracker enters or leaves the area. Speed ​​limit, start/stop and proximity alarms allow you to easily follow your vehicle and those around you. Use the Super Tracker app to receive SMS, push and email notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet. Access your data directly from your smartphone or iPad with smart reports.
  •     Anti-theft function, geo-barrier alarm: Define a designated area for this tracker to restrict its movements in the area. When the device leaves the zone, your phone or tablet will receive a reminder. You can also watch your historical path at any time. You don't have to worry about your car being stolen.
  •     Affordable subscriptions and high-quality customer service: The device includes a SIM card and offers three subscription services: 1 month: $18.99, 6 months: $89.99, and 1 year: $149.99. Real-time customer service, you can visit the official website or email us directly in the application to contact us. We will double our efforts until you are 100% satisfied. Super Tracker is the most advanced, easy to configure and can be used out of the box.

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