FUSTAR 3 Bands AT T T Mobile Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster
FUSTAR 3 Bands AT T T Mobile Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster

FUSTAR 3-band Cell Phone Signal Booster AT&T Cellular Signal Booster Verizon 5G 4G LTE Band Expansion Network 12/13/17 Cell Phone Repeater Booster 65dB LCD 5G Cell Booster, Suitable for Home LPDA / Cover 5000 Square Feet Panel

4G LTE band 12/13/17. Multiband cell phone signal booster for home use

Multi Bands Signal Booster package can solve your network problems and improve 4G cellular data and voice quality. North American users: LPDA outdoor antennas have higher reception capabilities among different antennas. Indoor antenna coverage varies depending on the outdoor signal level, building structure, switchboard location, outdoor antenna location and height, and switchboard coverage can be up to 5,000 square feet. Square meters

  •     ▶ [3 Frequency Bands 13/12/17 No Longer Off] The FUSTAR Cell Phone Signal Booster is used in conjunction with the Verizon AT&T Cricket US 13/12/17 cell phone frequency band. Signal Booster improves the quality of 4G LTE voice calls with clearer sound and improves cell signal strength. No more missed calls, faster internet! Help us extend battery life! Recommended for those who need apps for fast browsing/video streaming/calling/internet/download and download apps...etc.
  •     ▶ [Expand Cellular Signal Coverage & Significant Improvements] The Verizon Att mobile range extender can fill up to 5,000 square feet indoors and cover 2-4 rooms with good signals. Increasing the weak signal from 1 to 2 bars to 4 to 5 bars: Every interior wall between the cell amplifier and the mobile phone weakens the signal. The indoor range can vary depending on the distance between the two antennas, the structure of the building, the external signal level, the position and height of the antenna, and the position of the indoor antenna.
  •     ▶ [Powerful Booster] The At&t Verizon Smart High Gain LCD Signal Amplifier has excellent features such as 65±3dB high gain, automatic gain control, interference elimination, and standby. If the external signal is too strong to overcome, the booster can automatically adjust the gain for best performance. The LCD screen displays the working status of the booster, signal strength and other required notifications. The outdoor 4D-FB coaxial cable can be extended from 50 feet up to 100 feet.
  •     [The most powerful LPDA receiving antenna, easy to install] The LPDA outdoor directional antenna has stronger reception capacity between different antennas, and when it is on the same level with the external signal, the signal enhancement is more efficient. It can accurately pick up signals from cell phone towers and prevent interference from other directions. Easy to apply. Recommended for home / basement / office / garage / village / factory / farm / remote area.
  •     ▶ [2 Years Warranty and Multi Users / FCC Approved] Dual Band Cellular Speaker is suitable for & t verizon for iPhone / Android / Tablet PC / Hotspot... all smartphones. Support multiple users at the same time. Safety and FCC certification including all parts and manuals, 30-day money back, 90-day replacement for defective hardware. FUSTAR offers a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions or if your experience is not ideal, please contact us

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