FUSTAR RV Truck SUV Car 5G 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster
FUSTAR RV Truck SUV Car 5G 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster

FUSTAR AT&T Handy Signal Booster RV Truck SUV Auto Signal Booster 5G 4G LTE Auto Signal Booster AT&T Handy Signal Booster AT&T Handy Signal Booster for RV Trailer 12/17 Data/Voice Optimizer

FUSTAR AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster Network Extender Suitable For Mobile Car RV Sedan 4G LTE 12/17 Frequency Band
AT&T Cricket T-Mobile US Cellular 4G LTE Frequency Band 12 Frequency Band 17 The signal booster is designed for all North American users. -Upload and upload 4G LTE network data text and voice quality calls. AT & TCell Phone Booster supports multiple users in the car. This cell phone signal repeater can amplify weak signals, but it cannot generate signals, which means that it will not help you if there is no signal at all. At the point where the external antenna is installed, 2-3 stable signals are required, otherwise the booster will not work normally.

  •     [Improving Cellular Reception and Faster Data Speed ​​for Mobile Homes, FUSTAR Cellular Repeater for 4G LTE 5G AT&T Cricket T-Mobile US Cellular Band 12/17 at & t Signal Booster Improves Cellular Reception/Signal Strength and VR VR Data Speed. There is no longer any spare time with mobile homes. Recommended for people who need fast video streaming, web browsing, calling, downloading and downloading apps on cars/homes/trucks/vehicles/travel.
  •     [Car / RV / Vehicle calls are clear which reduces missed calls. Get clearer audio while driving, without more network lag and buffer time. Reduce dropped calls and missed calls. Enjoy the bike / trip / trip with Car Vehicle RV Motorhome.
  •     [Super Power Signal Amplifier] Expand Signal Coverage The rv cell amplifier repeater has a high gain of 55dB and is suitable for cars. The indoor coverage area depends on the signal strength available outside and the isolation distance between the two antennas, and the coverage area can fill the interior of the vehicle. a great offer.
  •     [Support multiple people to use the caravan at the same time] The caravan signal transmitter is equipped with excellent 4G LTE signal processing technology. Suitable for all kinds of Android mobile devices, iPhone, tablet, hotspot, Windows phone... all smartphones. Support all North American users to use multiple users at the same time. Recommended for cars, trucks, ships, ATVs and poorly signaled / indoor vehicles.
  •     [2 Years Warranty, Excellent Service and FCC Approval] Including all parts and operating instructions, we have excellent technical support. Acceptable 30 days return and 3 months exchange for defective equipment. Fostar Factory Warranty for 2 years. FCC certification, if you have any questions or if your experience isn't perfect in any way, please contact us.

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