FYOUNG Xbox Series S Cooling Stand Dual Controller Charger Station
FYOUNG Xbox Series S Cooling Stand Dual Controller Charger Station

FYOUNG Enhanced Version Vertical Cooling Stand, Dual Controller Fan and Charger, Suitable for Xbox Series S, Fan with Charging Station and 2X 1400mAh Battery

  •  All-in-one design applicable to Xbox Series S only:
  • Efficient Air Intake Fan for Xbox Series S: Since the base of the console is a vent, this vacuum cooling system helps dissipate heat for your Xb Series S console and keeps it cool. Prevent overheating after a long game. It has a quieter and faster cooling fan, metal base, updated on/off switch and fan indicator. Three-stage cooling system with adjustable fan speed, which can adjust the fan speed between low, medium and high speed
  • Xbox Series S Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a 2 * 1400mAh rechargeable battery for maximum performance of your Xbox Series S game console. Compared with disposable AA batteries, this battery can save money and make a great contribution to the environment.
  • 3.5 Hours Fast Charging with Clear LED Display: The controller charger with fan supports simultaneous charging of two controllers within 3.5 hours, and you can also see the charging status clearly by the LED display.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CHIPS AND SAFE CHARGING: Equipped with high-quality smart chips suitable for Xbox Series S charging stations, your game console is safely protected by reliable over-charging and over-voltage technologies.

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