HORI PS5 Wearable Speaker 3D Surround Gaming Neckset
HORI PS5 Wearable Speaker 3D Surround Gaming Neckset

HORI SPF-009U3D Portable Surround Gaming Speaker Set for PS5, PS4, PC-PlayStation 5

Hori offers a revolutionary 3D surround sound gaming solution designed specifically for the PlayStation 5. The Surround 3D gaming suit is a portable, over-the-shoulder shock absorber that can be worn while gaming. The neck pillow is equipped with virtual surround sound and two in-game sound modes: bass boost mode and FPS mode. Switch to STRONG BASS BOST mode for rich and balanced gameplay or switch to FPS mode for a smoother, noise-free boost to quickly identify enemy locations and in-game sounds. Use our echo cancellation feature to discuss strategies with your friends in the in-game voice chat with clear voice and no echo feedback. Simply connect the Lysing PlayStation 5 3D Gaming Getset to your DualSense Wireless Controller to play the game. Charging Required - Use a USB-C cable for charging.

  •     Equipped with 3D virtual surround sound and game sound mode
  •     Portable solutions for voice and voice chat solutions
  •     Use the included audio cable to connect directly to the PS5 console
  •     Compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Windows 10

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