IOWODO X5 Large Touch Screen Waterproof Smartwatch
IOWODO X5 Large Touch Screen Waterproof Smartwatch

Iowodo X5 Smartwatch Large Touch Screen Smart Clock with Heart Rate Monitor and Long Battery Operation and 5 atm Waterproof Fitness Fitness Compatible with ios and Android Mobile Phone Pedometer Smart Clock for Men and Women


1.3 inch screen and high resolution color screen, easy to distinguish between icons. Interactive experience that has been developed specifically for smart watches brings a very satisfactory experience. Your choice will be clear.

9 modes for fitness exercise

  •     Iowodo smart watch can track many sports up to 9 sports: walking, running, hiking, mountain climbing, outdoor cycling, running device and rowing machine.
  •     It can display exercise for exercise data, contact your mobile phone via GPS, and show the distance and show the exercise road map.

Sleep tracking

Discover and track your sleep automatically, gave data on deep sleep, light sleep and waking time, and learn more about your quality. You can also adjust the vibration alert to wake you.

Control music and camera

    Use smart clock to control music and change songs easily and enjoy every minute anytime and anywhere.
    When the smart clock is connected to the cell phone, just shake the wrist wear smart clock to take a picture.

5 atm water resistant

Water resistance at iowodo smart watch is 5atm, so there is no need to worry while showering or swimming pool (you can not track your swim data).

Create your face face

The iowodo X5 smart clock adds this new feature to be used to customize the clock. A variety of atmosphere to choose from (constantly updated). Not only to provide different faces for the hour, but you can also view your smart watch images.

 Smart water resistant time IOWODO 5ATM for men and women

    It is round, classic - offers a large round touch screen with a custom disc and more comfortable viewing.

    More practical functions, all on your wrist

  •     Iowodo smart hours also contain many practical tools such as motion reminders, alarm clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, cell phone search, women's care, etc. Multifunction smart clock can easily adapt to different environments, eliminating the need to use and allows you to enjoy a convenient life.
IOWODO X5 Large Touch Screen Waterproof Smartwatch
IOWODO X5 Large Touch Screen Waterproof Smartwatch

  •  [All Day Tracking] - Can monitor your heart rate automatically in actual time and analyze your full quality (deep sleep, light sleep and waking time) to help you develop a more healthy lifestyle. It can also record all activities today with accurately such as the number of steps and distance broken and burned calories in a smart clock or application.
  • [Calls and notifications SNS] - Points our fitness tracker with your mobile phone and receive all SNS notifications on your smart watch. When you are busy with other important things, you can also display incoming calls and reject it. It also has many useful tools such as: b. Fixed reminders, stimuli, countdown and countdown, stopwatches, search calls, women's care, and more.
  • [Custom tablet] Iowodo smart watch, colorful touch screen 1.3 inch, multiple tablets. You can change the appearance of smart clock (many different hours). You can also upload your photos and display them as wallpaper!
  • [Music and camera control] - You can easily control the music and change the songs through the smart clock, and enjoy every minute drive. In addition, when you connect smart clock with mobile phone, the camera function can be activated by shaking the smart clock wrist.
  • [10 days battery life, 9 sports, water resistance 5 ATM] - can provide full shipping up to 10 days of use and more than 30 days of standby time. Our watch also consists with standard 5 ATM water resistance, so you can wear them easily while swimming. In addition, our fitness clock supports 9 sports situations such as walking, cycling and kayaking. Compatible with Android 6.0, iOS 9.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and Top Smartphones.

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