Jansite Upgrade Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite Upgrade Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

Jansite [Upgraded 2.5K Audio Controller, Mirror Driving Recorder with GPS Front and Rear IPS Full Touch Screen, Rear View Mirror, Driving Recorder, Reverse Camera, Night Vision, 1080P, G-Sensor Loop, Sony, Parking Monitor

Ultra HD 2.5K

The front camera offers an Ultra HD video resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (2.5K). It gives you clearer pictures and can remotely capture license plates.

170 degrees front + 140 degrees back

The ultra-wide field of view from 170° forward to 140° backward effectively eliminates blind spots in the field of view, shows road traffic conditions in real time and provides you with more safety.

Reverse Aid with Steering Cable Height Adjustment

When the vehicle is reversing, the rearview mirror drive recorder automatically switches to the rear view camera display and provides a reversing line that gives you a complete sense of safety. and type of car.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) achieves a clear image by automatically exposure compensation in extreme darkness for clear night vision, and video, day or night.

Smooth loop recording

When the memory card is full, smooth circular recording protects your video evidence by replacing old footage with new content. When conflicts are detected, manually locked files and locked files are not automatically overwritten, so you can avoid conflicts.

Adjustable gravity sensor

When the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden vibration or collision, the camera will automatically stop the driving accident and turn off the video, which can be used as an important evidence for insurance claims.

Jansite Upgrade Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
Jansite Upgrade Voice Control 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

  •     [NEXT GENERATION VOICE CONTROL] Jansite improved 10 inch driving recorder, built-in 2.5K resolution, voice control and GPS tracking. You can send direct voice commands without touching or pressing, independently watch recorded images and videos, what to see on the road and you can keep your attention on the traffic for a safer driving experience.
  •     [2.5K + 1080P Dual Wide Angle Camera + Enhanced Night Vision] Updated Version 2.5K Front Camera + 1080P Front and Rear Camera, Ultra HD Video Resolution, Equipped with Advanced Sony IMX Sensor, "HDR" and "WDR" - Features The rear view camera detects license plates and road signs remotely, and can record clear videos and enhance details in very low light. The 170-degree front lens and 140-degree rear field of view reduce blind spots and capture more street scenes.
  •     [GPS Tracking] The improved rearview mirror driving recorder has a GPS km/h or meter/hour module that can check the driving route and speed by playing the recorded videos on gxplayer (available); It has a late parking monitoring function. The use of 1 image/sec recording can reduce storage space by 30 times (compared to normal 30 images/sec), achieve continuous recording time and achieve true 24-hour parking monitoring (require wired ASIN kit: B09B92KRXL).
  •     [Upgrade Reverse Image] IP68 1080P HD waterproof camera, high light masking (automatic light detection sensor) and HD image analysis (recording true colors and details), not affected by bad weather, rain and fog, driving and reverse is safer. In addition, the adjustable return line has been improved and the parking line can be adjusted manually, making parking more convenient. We also added a mirror switch.
  •     [33 ft. Multifunctional Camera Cable] The standard 33ft camera cable is long enough for most cars. You can also order an additional 49ft rear view camera cable for large trucks, trailers, RVs, vans, vans, etc. (not included, ASIN: B09BJLV4RG); It includes all necessary functions such as loop recording, parking monitoring, gravity sensor, adjustable brightness/viewing angle, etc. In addition, it supports cards up to 128 GB (including 32 GB cards).

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