JINXIA Fast AI air Translator scanning Pen
JINXIA Fast AI air Translator scanning Pen

JINXIA Fast AI Air Translator Scanning Pen Intelligent Translation Equipment 161 Languages ​​Spanish-English Terminology Translation Real-time Voice Translation Text and Voice Translation Electronic Dictionary

  •  (New Holidays) 2021 models new image translation function, 500W + AF, 3.5" ONCELL ultra-widescreen touch screen, 0.3 seconds super translation speed, allows you to easily complete translation work
  • (Powerful translation function) Scan recognition and offline translation in 11 languages, online simultaneous translation in 116 languages ​​and offline text excerpts in 21 languages.
  • (Very portable and convenient) The ultra-portable design allows you to use Bluetooth to wirelessly scan to a computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Compatible with Mac and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices
  • (Big Memory) 1GB + 8GB Memory, we offer an additional 32GB memory card, you can save different texts and recordings/photos as you like
  • (High Efficiency) The high speed recognition accuracy rate reaches 98%. Multilingual text scanning in Chinese, English and Spanish is a great tool for students and professionals. Supports multi-line scanning and multimedia including paper, digital screens, posters, wood surfaces, etc.

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