Level Bolt The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt
Level Bolt The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt

Level Bolt C-D11U, invisible smart lock. Bluetooth lock, keyless entry, smartphone access and use with Alexa, Ring, and Apple HomeKit

The Level Bolt aims to provide convenient and reliable smart security with a compact and elegant design, it is the first and only invisible smart lock. It's designed to fit your existing appliances and home, so you can have a smart lock without installing a bulky box or keypad on your pretty front door.

Make your lock smarter

Level Bolt is the only way to implicitly transform the current predicament.

Make your locks smart and design your home safe.


The Level Bolt's high-quality craftsmanship demonstrates precision no other Smart Lock can provide. Our parts are assembled securely in front of your door and the battery is neatly hidden in the latch.

 performance and efficiency

The Level Bolt uses a patent-pending six-speed stainless steel gearbox that is tough enough to withstand the toughest conditions and efficient enough to provide over a year of runtime on a single CR2 battery.

 durable and reliable

The Level Bolt is engineered for strength and durability, exceeds the highest industry standards, and has undergone over 1,000,000 stress test cycles. 100% Handling can be used for reliable rides and never leaves you stuck.

Level Bolt The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt
Level Bolt The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt

  •  Make your lock smarter: The Level Bolt is designed to replace your existing steel lock and is the only way to invisibly change the lock. Bring smart convenience into your home without being heavy like other smart locks.
  • Designed for everyone: Make it easy for friends and family to use their phone, voicemail, or key to enter your home. Available for iOS and Android.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE: The smart horizontal locking padlock uses 6# stainless steel gear which meets the highest industry standards.
  • Stay Connected: Works with Alexa, Ring, and HomeKit.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The Level Bolt has an innovative, compact and cordless design and can be installed easily with a screwdriver. Adjustable bracket adapts to 2" and 2" profiles. Please refer to the specification table in the product documentation and manual section below to ensure that your existing screw can be used with horizontal screws.
  • Horizontal interlock design conforms to ANSI standard impact plate size. If the current anti-collision card slot height is 2 inches, be sure to add a short horizontal anti-collision card to your cart. This item is available separately.

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