LIFX Color A19 800 lumens Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb
LIFX Color A19 800 lumens Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

The LIFX L3A19LC08E26US Color A19800 lumens, billions colors and white, Wi-Fi Smart LED lights, no bridge required, can be used with Alexa, Hey Google, HomeKit and Siri.

Smart and simple color lights (800 lumens) can bring the bedroom into the bedroom, the kitchen-dining table and the living room in the cinema. Voice control, apps, sensors (not included) and partner integration. With Wi-Fi, you don't need a bridge or hub to set it up. No additional hardware parts to distort your surface - every light bulb turns on instantly. Suitable for Alexa, Google, Apple HomeKit, etc.

Bright enough to fill any room

Our lamp is one of the brightest and most dynamic lamps on the market. Whether in the ceiling or in the light, this lamp can make an effect (or dim up to 1%!)

The best paint on the market

We offer a wider and richer color palette than our competitors. Create a stage to inspire your guests and liven up your movie nights or create the right atmosphere for "me time".

Can adapt from dusk to dawn

Set a time in the morning to wake up quietly and keep a well-lit area throughout the afternoon so you can sleep at night.

They feel like home

Configure LIFX (pronounced Life-X) to change the schedule to be safer when you go.

Get the most out of LIFX

Our in-app, social media, and troubleshooting guides will help you get the most out of the spotlight.

Take full advantage of our wisdom

By integrating with partners like IFTTT or Home Helpers, lights can flash when Uber arrives, change when the weather sets in, and more.

LIFX Color A19 800 lumens Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb
LIFX Color A19 800 lumens Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

  •  Why choose WiFi: Control anytime, anywhere. No bridge or well is required. (with 2.4GHz).
  • Full color: 550 billion color levels possible. RGBW-LED delivers richer colors and a wide range of whites from 1500 to 9000K.
  • 800 lumens: bright! But it can also be mitigated by sound or application.
  • Language compatible (Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, Hey Google) and easy to configure; Open your favorite app and follow the instructions.
  • Energy-saving and energy-saving: LED lights can be used for up to 25,000 hours or 22.8 years. Save the planet and your wallet.

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