Linkstyle Vertical Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X
Linkstyle Vertical Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

Linkstyle Vertical Fan for Xbox Series X, Dual USB Powered Vertical Cooling System Accessory and External USB Port for Xbox Series X Console (Xbox Series X only)

Why choose us:
1. This fan is specially designed for Xbox Series X game consoles and is suitable for heavy and enthusiastic gamers. Avoid overheating the game console.
2. Built-in 4000rpm double fan beside the console, the noise is less than 30dB and the noise is low.
3. Connect the smart fan to the Xbox Series X host (on the back of the USB port), turn on the switch button, and start the fan.
4. It comes with two fans, easy to install, easy to use and fast heat dissipation.

  •  Upgrade: The DC vertical fan is the same as the bottom fan. It works better with the host processor fan to speed up the internal heat dissipation and prevent the host from overheating due to the long playing time.
  • Designed for Xbox Series X: Designed for Xbox Series X Consoles - The vertical fan will only work on your Xbox Series X console.
  • Convenient installation: just slide the mounting tape into the console vent frame without scratching the physical connection design
  • Additional design: The power button with LED indicator can help you turn it on and off, and the Xbox Series X cooling system is convenient. External USB power port at the back, just connect it to a USB controller to power it
  • Physical and Vertical Installation Support: Easy to install and disassemble without any residual damage or surface damage. It's exactly the style and performance of the Xbox series console and looks exactly the same.

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