LINOVISION IOT-R32L Industrial Unlocked 4G LTE Router
LINOVISION IOT-R32L Industrial Unlocked 4G LTE Router

LINOVISION IOT-R32L 4G LTE Industrial Router Unlocked, Suitable for AT&T and T-Mobile SIM Cards, Secure VPN Access, Central Cloud Management, Compact and Powerful Cellular Router, Suitable for M2M/IOT Applications such as ATMs, Kiosks

 IOT-R32L is a durable and inexpensive 4G LTE cellular router suitable for various M2M/IoT applications. It is compatible with popular cellular service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Provides fast and reliable wireless transmission for vending machines, interactive kiosks, cash registers, ATMs, CCTV systems, etc.

Reliable 3G/4G network

  •     4G LTE CAT4 / 3G global network and many telecom networks
  •     Switch/Auto switch between Ethernet and cell (SIM card)

industrial design

  •     Industrial grade NXP processor
  •     Durable IP30 protection grade casing, suitable for harsh environments
  •     DIN . rails or shelves
  •     Supports a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C / -40°C to +158°C

Safe and reliable

  •     Use VPN tunnels like IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE/L2TP/PPTP/DMVPN for secure transmission
  •     It includes a hardware monitor that can automatically recover from various errors to ensure maximum uptime
  •     Support ACLs, DMZs, DDoS protection, filters, SPI firewalls
  •     Create a security mechanism around central authentication and device access authorization, support AAA (Radius, TACACS +, LDAP, local authentication) and user licenses at several levels

easy care

  •     DeviceHub provides easy setup, comprehensive configuration, and centralized management of remote devices
  •     User-friendly web interface design and multiple upgrade options help administrators easily manage devices
  •     WEB GUI and CLI allow administrators to implement easy management and quick configuration of a large number of devices
  •     Use industry standard SNMP to efficiently manage remote routers on existing platforms

money machine

The use of cellular networks for data communications makes it possible to edit and change the locations of ATMs or POS terminals anytime and anywhere. On the other hand, the value-added benefits of M2M communication allow ATMs or POS terminals to communicate with customers to provide better services, to promote the brand and improve efficiency.

smart sales

You can check device stock status and interact with customers via 3G/4G to reduce costs, improve efficiency and achieve customer satisfaction.

LINOVISION IOT-R32L Industrial Unlocked 4G LTE Router
LINOVISION IOT-R32L Industrial Unlocked 4G LTE Router

  •  Reliable wireless connectivity 3G/4G -3G/4G LTE CAT4 Wirelessly suitable for AT&T and T-Mobile active SIM cards (not for Verizon). automatic switching between Ethernet and cellular networks; Providing fast and reliable wireless connectivity for M2M and IoT applications such as vending machines, self-service terminals, ATMs, and CCTV systems.
  • Industrial Design - Rugged design, die-cast aluminum housing, supports IP30 protection; Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +158°C) and wide input voltage (DC 9-48V); Designed for harsh environments; The DIN rail or pocket-sized shelf design can be easily installed in cabinets or small machines.
  • Secure VPN - Supports IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE/L2TP/PPTP/DMVPN; It has a hardware screen for automatic recovery after various errors to ensure maximum availability; Supports central AAA authentication and authorization (Radius, TACACS+, LDAP, Local Authentication).
  • Ease of maintenance: GUI and WEB-CLI commands are intuitive and easy to use and configure. Standard SNMP support for management integration; Free central cloud management and remote hardware upgrades are provided. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, you can easily manage hundreds of routers from different locations.
  • Don't worry, 3-year hardware warranty; Lifetime software upgrade; US Local Technical Support + Worldwide Out of Hours Support.

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