Luowice Outdoor WiFi Home Security Camera
Luowice Outdoor WiFi Home Security Camera

Luowice Wireless Rechargeable Home Security Camera Outdoor WiFi Camera with Bright Night Vision Wireless Outdoor Security Camera AI Motion Sensor 1080P Spot IP65 Waterproof Two-Way Siren Sound

This wireless security camera offers 7 days of zoom or 1GB of free cloud storage for sports recordings without a monthly fee. And you can download the flip video from your mobile phone and remove the TF card without installing it up and down.

With this Wi-Fi security camera, you can equip the front door of the main activity areas and driving modes. You will only receive a notification when an event occurs in the process area. 30 days trial version

The color night vision surveillance camera is equipped with a flashlight and an alarm. You can set manually or automatically. If the burglar is outside your home, you can turn lights and alarms on and off automatically.

Security Camera with PIR Motion Detection

The motion detector security camera has a built-in PIR. There are 3 levels of sensitivity. At higher levels, the travel distance can be up to 40 feet. Reaches 33 feet in the middle and 26 feet down

wide angle home security camera

The viewing angle of the home security camera is 110 degrees.

smart outdoor surveillance camera

The APP function with signal diagnosis can determine the position with the best signal if the camera is installed. More convenient for you to choose the installation location

Luowice Outdoor WiFi Home Security Camera
Luowice Outdoor WiFi Home Security Camera

  •  [Editing AI Motion Analysis and Police Area] The battery-powered camera is equipped with advanced AI cloud technology. The battery-powered smart camera analyzes human behavior and identifies people, pets, and vehicles. You can select the alarm you want. Using the activity zone, you can adapt the detection zone to your home. Personalize notifications and reduce interruptions. 30 days free trial. Subscription service fee.
  • [Lifetime Free Cloud Storage & TF Card Storage] Lifetime Free Cloud Storage Recharge. Videos can be stored in the cloud for 7 days or up to 1 GB per account. You can also save the video to a TF card up to 128GB (not included).
  • [100% Wireless Large Capacity Battery] The rechargeable outdoor security camera with 6000mAh large capacity battery can be used for 5-7 months after being fully charged (depending on the environment). 100% wireless, no power cord, no LAN cable, worry-free. Download the app, scan the QR code, dinner is ready and just pair the camera with your home's 2.4GHz WiFi (5GHz not supported).
  • [Instant Alarm, Siren & Flashlight] Home Security Camera When the suspicious person is outside your home, you want to take immediate action. Don't worry, this smart camera will do it for you. Automatic alarm and instant flashing light. The best way to deter any intruder. You can also get instant notifications on your phone by previewing the image directly in the notification without opening the app. You can see what will happen. Or you can manually turn on the sirens and lights.
  • [Dual-channel, all-weather, multi-user audio] 360-degree ultra-sensitive noise-cancelling microphone eliminates unnecessary ambient noise. Speak directly to anyone near you with a two-way voice. The camera is IP65 certified and works perfectly in any weather. Withstands -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit on rainy, snowy and foggy days. You can share access to the camera with your family and see multiple family members at the same time

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