mebossco Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch
mebossco Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

Mebossco P22 Smart Watch, IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 1.4 Inch Men Sport Watch Pedometer Activity Tracker for Women, Suitable for Android iOS Mobile Phones, Black

Step Tracking

The wearable watch is lightweight and the bracelet is made of soft silicone that is comfortable to wear. The fitness tracker can record the number of steps, distance traveled and calories burned.

Quiet reminder

If you work in the same place for a long time, the activity tracker will remind you with the vibration feature that allows you to stretch and rest for a while, which will help you lead a healthy life.

Stopwatch and alarm clock

Turn on the stopwatch, whether it's for work, cooking or work, you can easily record every second. The alarm function of the smart watch makes your wrist vibrate without affecting others.

weather forecast

After connecting the watch to the phone's Bluetooth and turning on the weather notification, this smart watch can show the current weather and the weather information of the next day, making life easier.

Long battery life

The smart watch features a large capacity battery and a low power consumption design. After using the magnetic charging method for 2 hours, it can work up to 7 days in use or 20 days in standby mode.

multifunction watch

Music control, control music directly from the watch, including play/pause, previous or next song. Remote shooting, just tap the watch screen to take a picture. Find cell phones to find invisible cell phones.

mebossco Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch
mebossco Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

  •     Universal Compatibility and Health Tracking: The smartwatch is compatible with most smartphones running iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or above. In addition, the running watch keeps a detailed record of your daily activities, including steps, distance traveled, calories burned, exercise duration, heart rate, etc. When connected to your mobile phone's GPS, you can track all motion paths, distances and physical conditions during your workout.
  •     Heart rate, blood pressure and sleep monitoring: The health watch can automatically monitor the heart rate throughout the day and measure the three main health indicators of blood pressure and blood pressure in the human body. Sleep tracking automatically detects when you are in the light, deep and awake phases to help you better understand the quality of your sleep each night.
  •     IP68 WATERPROOF AND 8 SPORT MODES: Thanks to the IP68 waterproof technology, you can wear the fitness watch while washing your hands, running in the rain or even swimming (not suitable for diving and hot showers). In addition, this smart watch for women and men also supports 8 sports modes such as running, walking, cycling, jumping, badminton, basketball, football and swimming. You can track your training data in real time or after training.
  •     1.4 inch color screen and notifications: Android watch with 1.4 inch HD screen can customize watch face by uploading photos. When you raise your wrist, the adjustable brightness screen lights up automatically. Connect this digital watch to your mobile phone to get SMS messages, calls and SNS reminders (Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, etc.). It enables you not to miss any calls or messages.
  •     LONG-LASTING BATTERY AND MORE CONVENIENT TOOLS: Mebossco watch only takes 2 hours to fully charge and supports 6-7 days working time and 20 days standby time. Android smartwatches provide weather forecast, music control, camera controls, vibrating alarms, sedentary reminders, stopwatches, cell phone finders and many other useful tools to keep you organized and efficient throughout the day.

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