Neat Company 00322 NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner
Neat Company 00322 NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Storage System for Mac

After all, it was designed and made specifically for Mac users. Say hello to your organized digital self. NeatReceipts for Mac offers receipt and document scanning, smart text recognition, professional expense reports, batch documents, searchable PDFs and more!

Scan the receipt at:

  •     Create an expense report
  •     Keep records of suppliers, deadlines, totals and even sales taxes
  •     Keep digital copies of your tax documents (accepted by the IRS)
  •     Build your own searchable information library

Scan files to:

  •     Create searchable PDF files
  •     Capture editable text
  •     Organize documents into groups

Your information system:

  •     Create separate libraries for multiple companies, projects, or time periods
  •     Organize documents into groups so you can group related items together
  •     Create smart groups of receipts or documents based on specific conditions
  •     Import PDF copies of receipts and documents stored on disk

Convert paper into functional information.

With our unique analytics technology, NeatReceipts® can identify and activate the information that is important to you so that you can edit it, add comments, etc.

calls. organisation. Believes.

With NeatReceipts, you get a digital filing cabinet that can intelligently organize and protect all your important information.

Unique hardware and software solution.

Our scanner works seamlessly with a single software application that is easy to install and intuitively manages all receipts and documents.

This applies to your workplace.

NeatReceipts weigh less than a pound, making them ideal for use on the go, at home or in the office.

NeatReceipts for Mac was built from the ground up and seems like an app you use every day. It has drag and drop function, import function for multiple and electronic documents. You can also add receipts or documents by "printing" them from any app.

Scan and organize receipts and documents in the familiar Max OS X user interface, generate expense reports, track expenses, and create a searchable PDF document library. Including Neat Mobile Scanner and NeatReceipts for Mac version 2.0. NeatReceipts® for Mac is a portable scanner and digital filing system that allows you to scan receipts and documents to organize, store, and protect all your important information. The patented technology can automatically identify, extract and organize important information. Convert receipts into expense reports and create searchable PDFs from any document. Export information in PDF and Excel® formats. NeatReceipts for Mac is specifically designed for Mac and makes it look like the application you use every day.

Neat Company 00322 NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner
Neat Company 00322 NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner

  •  Thin and lightweight, can work via PC USB
  • Accurately reads and extracts information from all digital content and creates digitized content
  • Use receipt data to create tax or expense reports, export to Excel, Quicken or TurboTax and sync contacts with Outlook or address book
  • Includes a free 30-day trial of NeatCloud to sync, backup and access your Neat files anytime, anywhere using a browser or mobile device
  • NeatCare includes extended NeatDesk support and accidental damage protection for as long as you are a NeatCloud customer

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