NexiGo 1526WHT PS5 Stand with Hard Drive Slot
NexiGo 1526WHT PS5 Stand with Hard Drive Slot

NexiGo 1526WHT PS5 Stand with HDD Slot, Remote Control Speaker Stand, Dual Controller, Charging Station with RGB Lighting, Suitable for Playstation 5 and 10 Game Slots, White

Two USB ports for power output

It has an additional USB port that can be used to charge or connect other external devices such as tablets, mobile phones and cameras for charging. (Note: Please do not connect any external devices that require heavy loads to the USB port. This will affect the performance of the console charging slot.)

Suitable for PS5 disc and digital version

The PS5 controller is compatible with both the CD and digital versions of the PS5 and can be attached directly to the stand using the provided screws to increase stability and protect it from scratches or damage.

Game accessories storage

This versatile, vertical stand is designed to cool and store your PlayStation 5. It allows you to place the game console vertically, charge the game console, store the game and keep everything organized. (Note: Console and console are not included.)

NexiGo 1526WHT PS5 Stand with Hard Drive Slot
NexiGo 1526WHT PS5 Stand with Hard Drive Slot

  •  [RGB Light Strip] This mount has RGB light strips on both sides of the heat sink mount. You can switch between color broadcast mode, breathable color light mode, and steady blue light mode, and highlight gaming accessories quickly and easily by changing the lighting mode.
  • [Charging Instructions] Two PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers can be charged at the same time for about 3.5 hours. Each charging station has a battery charge icon indicator that shows the current charging status of the controller. When the controller is charging, the battery icon will flash dynamically from low to high, indicating that the controller is charging. When the controller is fully charged, the battery indicator lights up fully.
  • [High Efficiency Cooling System] Used in conjunction with the PlayStation 5's cooling system, it enhances the cooling system, gently inhaling air through the console to lower the PS5's operating temperature, improve its performance and extend the life of the console.
  • [External Hard Drive & Remote Manager] Compatible with PlayStation 5 CD and Digital Edition.
  • [Stable and Easy to Use] Use the included screws to attach the PlayStation 5 console to the cooling stand. Prevents accidental damage or accidental collision that could lead to the console falling off.

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