Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights Color Changing RGB LED
Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights Color Changing RGB LED

Nexillumi LX_L_006_IR15M 50ft Music Sync LED light bar RGB LED light bar with color changing 44 keys remote control, built-in sensitive microphone, app control LED string light, 5050 RGB LED light bar (APP + remote control + microphone + 3-button switch)

Nexillumi is a world-renowned brand and manufacturer of high quality LED light fixtures and has established a one-stop shop for LED light strips online since 2013 with exceptional experience. Welcome to our online store! ! !

 [Unlimited Choice of Colors] Each LED module contains 3 primary LEDs (red, green and blue), which can mix millions of colors and transform them into different color ambiance according to the mood.

[Widely Application] It is the perfect lighting belt for bedrooms, bedrooms, shops, restaurants, kitchens, bars, TVs, displays, dressing tables, parties, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Use the Nexillumi to view the wonderful and colorful world of propagating lighting.


Several ways to control the light bar: a three-button switch, an infrared remote control, and a mobile app. The app is updated from "Ehome Light" to "ilumi Home"

Infrared remote control

Remote control with 44 buttons, 4 music modes, easy to use operation. Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the receiver and that the distance is not more than 6 meters.

3 control buttons

With these four buttons, you can change the mode, turn on / off the light and set the music mode. The light controller will be upgraded to a 4-button design in 2021. Plus, when you change the music mode, the built-in microphone will follow the beat of the music you're playing!

custom length

The strip can be cut along the mark and connected to the LED strip connector.

Music Mode

Use the built-in microphone to step into the music model and the light will jump to the beat of the music.

Widget mode

Switch to microphone mode in the phone app, you can sing or play a musical instrument, the light will change color and brightness with your ringtone.


Use the LED light bar to set the alarm! Use the timer function to set opening and closing times.

Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights Color Changing RGB LED
Nexillumi 50Ft LED Strip Lights Color Changing RGB LED

  •     [Easier Way to Control Lighting] Download APP (Available on Google Play and iOS App Store) You can adjust brightness, change color and turn on/off RGB LED light with built-in sensitive microphone control switch Ambient noise and music Comes with 44 buttons and 4 music modes Device Infrared remote control and LED light strip ④ Three switches on the power cord change brightness, color and music mode
  •     [The unique three-button light switch / control box on the power cord is different from the light switch everywhere. The three-button switch is not only used to turn the light on and off, but also has the function of changing the color and brightness of the LED light strip. Turn on/off music mode
  •     [UPGRADED POWER SUPPLY & SAFER UL APPROVED WIRING] This 12V flame retardant power supply meets the most stringent and complex UL standards. In the event of an overcurrent or short circuit, the built-in protective circuit automatically cuts off the power supply. The cable also passed the UL test and is more durable.
  •     [Unlimited Home and Bedroom Decoration Apps] You can set a timer to turn the lights on/off in your favorite color, and you can also control the light strip with a response distance of 50ft through the mobile app. ② Built-in microphone mode, you can listen to music through the phone's microphone, and the light will change with the color change. LED strips are ideal for bedrooms, dorms, kitchens, behind TVs, around mirrors and decorative stairs

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