Philips Hue v2 Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote
Philips Hue v2 Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote

Philips Hue v2 Smart Dimmer and Smart Home Without Remote Control for Philips Hue Smart Bulbs (2021 Edition), White (562777)

Darken or brighten the room, change the lighting atmosphere or get the best lighting for the time of day. The Hue dimmer attaches to a magnetic wall or surface, but can also be used anywhere on the stove with the remote control. Suitable for Hue Smart lamps, lamps and accessories.

  •  Transparent Controls: Control your Philips Hue Smart Bulb in no time. With smart light switches, you can dim, dim, and change light settings with the push of a button.
  • PLACE ANYWHERE: Thanks to its battery-powered design and included adhesives, the smart switch can be placed anywhere. Its magnetic holder allows it to be attached to the refrigerator or any other metal surface.
  • Unleash the full potential of PHILIPS HUE: Add a dimmer to the hub-controlled Philips Hue settings to adjust settings in the Hue app. Turn on your favorite lighting scenes or get the lighting just right for the time of day.
  • EASY TO USE: Four clearly marked buttons make the smart dimmer easy to use, no matter if you are turning on the light, dimming, adjusting the brightness or setting your favorite lighting scene.
  • Find the perfect smart lighting for you: Use pre-defined scenes or custom scenes that you create to easily customize lighting scenes to suit your mood.

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