Powerextra PS5 Noise Cancelling Microphone Gaming Headset
Powerextra PS5 Noise Cancelling Microphone Gaming Headset

Powerextra Gaming Headset For Computer On Ear Headphones With LED Microphone With Noise Canceling Surround Sound Mic Soft Earmuff Fit For Mac Nintendo PS4 PS5 Laptop Xbox One Console

Colorful RGB lights

This PC gaming headset uses unique RGB lighting effects to take gaming to the next level. The lights on either side of the headphones match your gear, gear, and style. Please note that the USB port is used for RGB lights.

High quality copper cable

Use high quality copper cables to reduce transmission delay and distortion.

The adjustable microphone allows you to record your voice clearly and accurately. You can adjust the angle of the microphone to your liking for a more comfortable and clear sound.

Breathable ear pads

The ear cover is made of skin-friendly leather, with super soft ear pads, making it more comfortable for long time wearing. Not only can you have a fun game time without hurting your ears, but you also won't sweat.

Powerextra PS5 Noise Cancelling Microphone Gaming Headset
Powerextra PS5 Noise Cancelling Microphone Gaming Headset

  •  🎧 [Stereo Surround Sound] Create an immersive gaming experience with in-game stereo. With highly interactive audio triggers, you can better see the direction of the audio source, such as firing, enemy and scene indicators.
  • 🎧 [Wired design with two detachable interfaces] Use USB and 3.5mm audio interface. 2 Detachable Audio Cables, Compatible with PS4/PS5 Console, PS4/PS5 Console, PC, MAC, Laptop, Nintendo Switch (Audio), Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS (Audio), Xbox One, also supports many devices portable. Offer more options to make the audio scene more diverse. Note: An additional Microsoft adapter (not included) is required to connect to the Xbox One console.
  • 🎧 [Exquisite Appearance] The gradient RGB LED lights greatly improve the gaming atmosphere and make the gaming experience more exciting. Even if you play long games, you won't feel any discomfort when wearing this gaming headset, the headband is designed to evenly distribute weight and reduce clamping force, increasing comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • [Noise-Canceling Microphone] The high-sensitivity microphone is equipped with unidirectional noise-cancelling technology, which can effectively reduce background noise and capture your voice clearly. The microphone can be turned on and off at any time using the mute button. You can precisely control the volume by rotating the rotary controller. Noise-cancelling microphone ensures high-quality voice conversations in games or online chats. This headset is very suitable for playing, working, studying, chatting, using Skype, etc.
  • The headphones are easy to wear and comfortable, and their lightweight design; Soft memory foam earmuffs, left and right adaptive ear cups, adapt to your ears, soft and comfortable without pressure, adaptive head radius, automatically adapt to the shape of your head, reduce head pressure, wider and soft head radius, suitable for long-term use.

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