Poyasilon SN-S3 Battery Powered 1080P Outdoor Security Camera
Poyasilon SN-S3 Battery Powered 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor Security Camera, Poyasilon SN-S3 1080P Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera, Wireless WiFi Home Security Camera with Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Passive Infrared Detection, IP65 Waterproof, SD/Cloud

1080P HD video and photos

Our outdoor surveillance camera can select 1920*1080 or 720*1280 resolution in Onecam app. Support working on iPhone, iPad or Android.

Night vision up to 33 feet

Automatically switch to infrared night vision mode depending on the ambient light so you never miss an action in the dark night.

Intelligent passive infrared motion detection

Enhanced passive infrared detection can only adjust the detection sensitivity and response to the movement of humans or mammals, reducing false alarms and saving energy.

IP65 withstands outdoor weather

The IP65 waterproof housing ensures continuous operation in extremely cold, extremely hot or constantly humid climates.

Two-channel real-time audio

The home security camera has a built-in speaker and microphone. You can communicate directly with your family and friends or receive packages via the Onecam app.

Encrypted cloud and SD card storage

Support privacy transfer through cloud storage or insert SD card (maximum 128GB, not included) to record your animation events.

Poyasilon SN-S3 Battery Powered 1080P Outdoor Security Camera
Poyasilon SN-S3 Battery Powered 1080P Outdoor Security Camera

  •  Cordless installation and rechargeable battery. No need to connect a power cord or network cable, the wireless security camera can be easily installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Innovative low-power technology for 3-6 months of hibernation, eliminating charging noise. (Note: Please fully charge before first use)
  • The most powerful WiFi and the most powerful applications. The security camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz WLAN. New built-in WIFI AP technology greatly improves WiFi signal and coverage. A simple onecam app that can be shared with multiple family members so that everyone can access live broadcasts and videos
  • 1080P HD live video and night vision. The outdoor security camera provides a wider viewing angle of 135 degrees and 1080P HD videos and photos. The built-in infrared night vision device can illuminate up to 10 meters in length and can automatically switch to night vision mode depending on the ambient light conditions. Know that your family's safety is protected 24/7
  • Two audio channels and IP65 waterproof protection. The home security camera supports real-time two-way voice calls and is equipped with a powerful alarm sound that can turn on and off intruders in emergency situations. IP65 waterproof housing ensures a stable connection under harsh outdoor conditions (-4°F ~ 122°F)
  • Smarter PIR motion detection and powerful storage. Enhanced PIR motion detection can adjust detection sensitivity to reduce false alarms. When the main camera detects an event, the Onecam app records the video and sends a notification to your phone. Supports cloud storage or SD card (maximum 128GB, not included)

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