Rinsmola P36B Waterproof Smart Watch 2021 for Men Women
Rinsmola P36B Waterproof Smart Watch 2021 for Men Women

Rinsmola P36B Smart Watch 2021 Fitness Tracker Watch Men Women 1.69 Inch Smart Watch Touch Screen Fitness Watch Heart Rate / Sleep Monitoring Pedometer Activity Tracker Waterproof IP67 for Android iPhone

remote photography

When the camera function is activated in the application, the photo page is automatically opened from the phone. Use the remote shooting function of the smartwatch instead of a selfie stick, rotate your wrist or press the touch button of the smartwatch to take beautiful pictures.

music control

It allows you to control music playback through the fitness watch so that you can enjoy the world of music freely. Find and activate the music controls to quickly and easily control the music during training (play/pause, next/previous song).

1.69 inch color touch screen with adjustable brightness

1.69" TFT LCD Touch Screen Wear a custom fitness watch face that fits your style. When you raise your wrist, the smartwatch's display turns on instantly, with 6 levels of brightness to choose from, and is easily visible even in the sun.


When you receive notifications, SMS, calls or app messages (Facebook, WhatsAPP, Messenger, Instagram, Gmail, etc.) from your smartphone, the connected watch will vibrate slightly and let you see the message and phone name on a screen.

Remember not to sit down and remember to drink water

Activate the "Sedentary reminder" and "Drinking water reminder" functions in the application. The sitting position vibrates to remind you to move and to remind you to drink water. Remember to stay active, help relieve stress, and reduce the time it takes to relax.

Stopwatch and 8 sport modes

Rinsmola Fitness Tracker has 8 activity modes: walking, running, cycling, basketball, badminton, football, skipping rope and swimming. It has a stopwatch and timer function to provide a countdown timer to the users. You can also view a map of your workout route by connecting to your phone's GPS.

Rinsmola P36B Waterproof Smart Watch 2021 for Men Women
Rinsmola P36B Waterproof Smart Watch 2021 for Men Women

  •  Multifunction: This smart watch has more convenient functions, fitness tracker (pedometer, calories, distance), GPS tracking, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, 8 training modes, sleep monitor, blood oxygen monitor, Breathing training, call notification, SMS and apps messages (WhatsAPP, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram...) control music, camera, brightness adjustment, weather display, motion reminders, alcohol consumption, period reminders, Gmail, alarm clock, stopwatch, find watches.
  • HEART RATE MONITOR, BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR, BLOOD Oxygen Monitor: The heart rate monitor allows you to measure your calorie consumption and check your heart area (fat burn, exercise, peak) to check the ideal exercise intensity to achieve your goals. The SpO2 Blood Pressure smart watch intelligently measures and monitors your blood oxygen levels and pressure, and also monitors changes in your body.
  • 1.69 inch HD Touch Screen: This fitness tracker is equipped with a 1.69 inch TFT LCD color screen that provides amazing HD picture quality. Full touch screen technology makes operation quick and easy. Message notifications can also be displayed directly on your device screen. With 6 levels of brightness, you can also adjust the brightness to see the screen clearly. You can choose from a variety of watch faces, and you can also customize the watch face to show your personality.
  • Sleep and Activity Tracking: High-performance motion sensors monitor sleep status (deep sleep, light sleep and wake time) and provide comprehensive analysis of sleep quality. Sports watches accurately track activities throughout the day, such as steps, calories burned, activity distance, and minutes. GPS can track all exercise routes, distances, and physical conditions during exercise, optimize your workout and identify health trends, motivating you to improve your health and fitness goals.
  • IP67 Waterproof Swimming and Maintenance: This smart watch is compatible with Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0 or above.

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