SOSAUP 4G LTE 5G Verizon Cell Signal Booster
SOSAUP 4G LTE 5G Verizon Cell Signal Booster

SOSAUP Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster Verzion Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE 5G Signal Booster Verizon Cellular Signal Booster Verizon Signal Booster Cell Extension Band 13 Boost 4G Home Call / Data

Support for multiple users and devices

Family group cell phone booster prevents missed calls and missed calls, 4G data speed is fast, extends battery life of multiple cellular devices, no longer have to worry about poor signal reception. The mobile supports multiple users at the same time.

No more abandoned and missed calls

Strong signal reception Solve the problem of poor reception Good and consistent signal reception Improve cellular service from mobile phones Never cut the line Have perfect phone calls at home and 4G 5G internet connection Great performance

Clear calls and fast network data

Cellular signal covers a wide area and can also add timer, answer and clear calls, send text, surf the web, watch video and media streams, and stream faster data and live media. Enjoy a relaxing moment suitable for apartments, offices, basements, warehouses, villages, garages, metal buildings and reception areas with weak signal

SOSAUP 4G LTE 5G Verizon Cell Signal Booster
SOSAUP 4G LTE 5G Verizon Cell Signal Booster

  •  The directional antenna on the outer panel receives the traveling radio signal from the direction of the signal tower. Including mounting hardware and connection to the booster with 50ft 4D-FB coaxial cable
  • The built-in cell phone extender improves and restores the cell phone signal received from the cell tower. Power supply via a 12V AC power source.
  • Internal flagellar (omnidirectional) antenna retransmission improves the cellular signal to multiple cellular devices. The antenna is directly connected to the support.
  • ✔ Improved voice and data signal strength in all regions of North America
  • Improve Verizon 4G LTE 5G Band13 cellular signal in your home, office, basement and remote areas
  • All components necessary for installation are included in the package,
  • ✔ Easy to install, solve the problem of bad reception, get great cell signal service and enjoy your life

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