SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Premium Pack Cellular Trail Camera
SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Premium Pack Cellular Trail Camera

The SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Premium Pack Cell Tracking Camera contains 8 AA batteries and a MicroSD card with a capacity of 32gb.

This premium bundle contains 8 AA batteries and a microSD card with a capacity of 32g. When the original LINK-MICRO hit the market, it ignited the world of cell tracking cameras. LINK-MICRO-LTE is the next evolution in SPYPOINT cellular camera technology. LINK-MICRO-LTE has always valued economy, compact and retractable design, and has made the leap to LTE to ensure that cellular wildlife cameras follow the ever-changing face of cellular communications. The same features that make LINK-MICRO so popular haven't changed, but with extended LTE connectivity, LINK-MICRO-LTE could make you a better angler for years to come. If you are a beginner or still thinking about cellular technology, think about how often you go into the woods to pick up your SD card to see what your camera finds. Portable gaming camera technology allows you to avoid these trips, saving time and money while avoiding the inconvenience of gaming on the go. With its innovative camera series and a comprehensive suite of mobile exploration tools, SPYPOINT offers true mobile exploration solutions via the SPYPOINT app.

  •  [Industry-Leading Value] This premium bundle contains 8 AA batteries and a 32GB MicroSD card. LINK-MICRO-LTE not only provides advanced camera performance, but also gives you access to the tools and functions that make SPYPOINT a portable discovery solution.
  • [Ultra Compact Design] LINK-MICRO-LTE is too small for any tracking camera, but even smaller if you think of it as a cellular camera. This design facilitates LINK-MICRO-LTE concealment and prevents the camera from being recognized by blurred eyes.
  • [Reduce Human Impact] Nothing can affect your game more than human pressure. By switching from an exploratory camera strategy to a cellular approach, you can reduce the frequency of visits to the hunting ground, and thus reduce the stress on the animals that live there.
  • [Mobile Survey Solution] SPYPOINT offers the ultimate mobile survey solution for modern hunters. SPYPOINT provides you with advanced exploration tools that allow you to analyze data in order to build models and plan your success.
  • [Easy to Understand Image Transfer Plan] SPYPOINT also offers a truly unlimited plan for $10. Regardless of your personal carrier, you can choose the carrier model that offers the best service where your device is located.

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