Stiive LCZ01 1.52 Inch HD Touch Screen Smartwatch
Stiive LCZ01 1.52 Inch HD Touch Screen Smartwatch

Stiive LCZ01 Smart Watch 1.52 Inch HD Touch Screen Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Saturation Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Watch, Suitable for Women and Men Compatible with iPhone Android Phones

Up to 9 days of autonomy

When fully charged, it can be used for 9 days and 30 days in standby mode.

IP68 waterproof

It is allowed to wear the smart watch when washing hands, running in the rain or during strenuous sports activities (please note that it is not suitable for diving, swimming or in the sauna).

A lot of work

It includes many functions such as timers, alarms, weather checks, etc.

Women's health reminder

Receive health alerts about your menstrual cycle and other updated information (this feature will only appear if your user preference is set to Female).

Camera remote control

Connect your smartwatch to your smartphone and you can take pictures by shaking your wrist while wearing the smartwatch.

music control

Music Control can help you to control the music directly from the smart watch, so you can play/pause, skip songs and change the volume when syncing the watch with the smartphone.

heart rate monitor

Heart rate is automatically monitored every 5 minutes. You can manually track your heart rate in real time on your watch or you can view your heart rate intuitively via our app.

Measurement of the level of oxygen in the blood

Monitor your blood oxygen levels and live a healthier life. Note: The data from the smartwatch cannot be used for medical purposes. The data is for reference only.

Maintenance skills

For a better wearing experience, please follow the instructions above to take care of your watch.

Stiive LCZ01 1.52 Inch HD Touch Screen Smartwatch
Stiive LCZ01 1.52 Inch HD Touch Screen Smartwatch

  •  Monitor your health: Automatically monitor your heart rate in real time, monitor your sleep status (deep sleep, light sleep, awake sleep) and analyze your sleep quality. Our smart watch also measures your blood oxygen levels, which will help you better track your exercise and health.
  • Wide compatibility with smart notifications: Compatible with mobile phones with AndroidOS 5.0 and iOS 10.0 or above. Check incoming calls, text messages and social notifications (Facebook, etc.) directly from your smart watch and stay updated anytime and anywhere (please note that this function only supports receiving calls and messages).
  • 14 Sports Modes and All-Day Tracking: 14 sports modes are supported and activities during the day such as steps, distance and calorie consumption can be accurately recorded in the smartwatch or APP.
  • HD Screen and Dedicated Tablet: Our fitness tracker is equipped with a 1.52 inch HD screen to give you a better viewing experience. Choose from 5 watch ROMs, customize your device with your own photos or use our app to upload more photos to the cloud.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE AND WATERPROOF: Our smart watch is waterproof up to IP68, which can protect you from rain and sweat. The battery life is up to 9 days or can be used for 30 days in standby mode.
  • Profile size: full body: 9.8 x 1.4 x 0.4 inches; Adjustable band range: 6.1 to 9.0 inches

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