Tonve 5G 4G LTE Band ATT Cell Phone Booster
Tonve 5G 4G LTE Band ATT Cell Phone Booster

Tonve AT&T ATT 5G 4G LTE Band 12/17 FDD Cellular Signal Booster US Cellular Cricket T-Mobile ATT Boost Voice and Data Boost - Home & Office

Extremely high signal speed

Now you can enjoy movies, games, video calls and more on all your devices at the same time.

smart connection

When mobile phones, tablets and other devices enter the coverage area, the booster automatically amplifies the signals from other mobile phones, tablets and iPads. It also allows your guests to enjoy life without interrupting the connection.

stable signal performance

The 4G LTE signal is fast and stable, and the processor is powerful, so your phone or tablet can maintain a smooth connection and provide smooth internet speeds.

Extend battery life

The booster provides a stable signal, reduces the search signal from mobile phones, iPads and other devices and can extend battery life for at least 2 hours.

Automatic performance check

Built-in AGC technology compensates the input signal, ensuring continuous operation and optimum performance regardless of the signal environment. They cover an area of ​​up to 2,500 square feet and have a clear, crisp cellular signal.

Booster Band 12/17

Use the Tonve 4G LTE Signal Booster to enjoy uninterrupted audio and 4G connectivity!

Tonve 5G 4G LTE Band ATT Cell Phone Booster
Tonve 5G 4G LTE Band ATT Cell Phone Booster

  •     The cellular signal booster is designed for 12 and 17 bands at 700MHz and is suitable for carriers such as AT&T, Cricket, US Cellular, and T-Mobile. It aims to improve voice communication and provide its users with fast 4G networks and easy access to the Internet. Tonve Blaster allows you to enjoy all your online and phone activities without interruption.
  •     [Support All Devices] A significant improvement in 4G LTE cellular services, applicable to all wireless cellular devices on any network in bands 12 and 17. The booster can be used with any device that supports mobile smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, and mobile hotspots, integrates Compact routers and laptops.
  •     [No Monthly Rent, No Internet] No monthly fee, no need to connect to internet resources (WiFi or landline) to work. It simply expands your local cellular service 32x for faster calls, SMS and internet.
  •     [High-tech design] Automatic performance control. AT&T Cellular Signal Booster can adjust system gain and signal strength. All this helps to avoid subjective arousal. The more stable the connection, the longer the battery life of mobile phones and other devices. The signal booster features small size, light weight, advanced design and smart LED lights. It fits perfectly in any interior.
  •     [HIGH QUALITY SERVICE] Tonve AT&T cell phone signal booster offers 1 year manufacturer warranty and 30 days no-risk money back guarantee. Our technical support team has received professional training and can solve any technical or business problem.

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