VANMICRO 32GB ROM 2GB RAM Android 9.0 Kids Tablet
VANMICRO 32GB ROM 2GB RAM Android 9.0 Kids Tablet

VANMICRO Kids Tablet 7", Android 9.0 Pie, 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM, KIDOZ Child Protection Cover and Google Play COPPA Certified, Wi-Fi, Eye Health Mode, Pink

Equipped with a powerful and efficient quad-core Android 9 operating system and 2GB of RAM, this 7-inch tablet for kids is responsive, easy to use, and allows for fast launching of apps and smooth videos and games. It comes pre-installed with the Kidoz app, all specially designed and carefully selected for kids, easy to use, with full parental controls, filtered browsing and access to kid-friendly content under parental controls.


1: Healthy and Kid Friendly Content: KIDoz is a COPPA approved application that selects safe, age-appropriate, popular and engaging content to provide children with a trustworthy playground.
2: Complete Parental Controls: With KIDoz, parents can better control the availability of certain apps, surf the Internet and set time limits via the parental control panel.
3: Set time limit: Parents can set a time limit to prevent children from excessive playing. Parents can also check the kids' time quota on the app to learn more about their kids' interests.
4: Child Mode and Parent Mode: KIDoz allows children and parents to use it on their own. After exiting Child Mode, parents can use this tablet as a regular tablet that Google Play can use.
5: Turn on the child lock: Only children can exit the child mode with the password set by their parents.
6: Multiple config files: With KIDoz you can create multiple config files for different kids of different ages and customize content for each config file.

VANMICRO 32GB ROM 2GB RAM Android 9.0 Kids Tablet
VANMICRO 32GB ROM 2GB RAM Android 9.0 Kids Tablet

  •  COPPA Approved Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Tablet for Kids Online Privacy Activities: This kids tablet comes pre-installed with COPPA approved KIDoz, a safe toy for children's playgrounds. You can choose content that is safe, age-appropriate, focused and interesting. No dangerous, violent and unhealthy content; No pre-installed add-ons, no ads - to provide children with a completely reliable and healthy playground. KIDOZ supports up to 38 languages.
  • COMPLETE PARENTAL CONTROLS, THE PERFECT Christmas Gift for Kids: With KIDoz Parental Controls, parents can better control access to apps, surf the Internet, and set time restrictions. Not only can parents control the content available to children in KIDOZ, but they can also create personalized video channels for each child and add their favorite websites or apps. You can create and customize multiple child profiles for each child.
  • Complete Android Tablet with Eye Protection for Kids: This 7-inch tablet for kids comes with Android 9.0 Pie, 2GB RAM, and 1024 x 600 IPS screen; The blue dye option can filter out blue light and reduce children's eye strain; 32GB storage, 512GB external storage, 8 hours of multi-function entertainment. Equipped with 2900mAh battery and 3 hours of full charge, it is very suitable for long distance travel to download more movies, learning apps, e-books and games.
  • Kid-Friendly KIDOZ Store and Google Play: Download thousands of child safety apps from the KIDOZ Store. Age-appropriate apps that can't be found on the KIDOZ store, such as Peppa Pig Word and Mathletics, can be downloaded from Google Play in parental mode and added to child mode via the parental control panel. Children can exit child mode only under the supervision of their parents or with a password.
  • Child Protective Cover with Stand and Pen: The durable and lightweight protective cover for the tablet is made of non-toxic, child-safe EVA foam and has a stand to support the tablet; It is also equipped with a stylus so that children can write or draw with the stylus without scratching the screen; The 3D texture design helps dissipate heat and provides worry-free protection to prevent frequent drops, bumps and confusion when kids are playing.

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