VirmeeSmart Fitness Tracker 1.5 HD Touch Screen Smart Watch
VirmeeSmart Fitness Tracker 1.5 HD Touch Screen Smart Watch

VirmeeSmart Smart Watch, 1.5 Inch HD Touch Screen, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, 18 Training Modes, IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch for Men and Women, Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones

Track your most important health activities

Real-time monitoring of your heart rate during the day, number of steps, calories burned, time spent on your feet, etc.

Automatic nighttime sleep tracking (deep, light, awake, rapid eye movements). Note: deep tracking, light, automatic alert. But for a REM sleep monitor, you need to turn on Scientific Sleep on the smartwatch.

Choose a sport and start your fitness journey!

Run, bike and jog fast, and let our fitness watch go on a sports journey with you! When the phone is connected to the phone, you can use the GPS tracking in our phone app.

Work out while listening to music!

When your phone is nearby and connected to the phone, control the previous/next song or pause the music with the smartwatch on your wrist.


You can manually measure your blood oxygen levels on the smartwatch to monitor your health.

Pressure gauge

What is your current state of stress? Stop and relax.

breathing training

Follow our breathing guide to help you relax after stressful times. Android Watch and iPhone 4 have built-in breathing training modes to choose from!

VirmeeSmart Fitness Tracker 1.5 HD Touch Screen Smart Watch
VirmeeSmart Fitness Tracker 1.5 HD Touch Screen Smart Watch

  •  Vivid HD Display: The smart watch is equipped with 1.5 inch 321 PPI screen and 360*320 HD touch screen, clear and vivid for you to display the smart watch data. 15 kinds of CDs, 7 levels/auto brightness to meet individual needs.
  • Track Your Important Health: This fitness watch automatically tracks your heart rate and steps in real time within 24 hours. This is a Night Sleep Monitor (Light, Deep, Awake, REM) that offers analysis through APP to help you live a healthier life. Manual blood oxygen measurement, data on pressure status.
  • 18 exercise modes to build a healthy body shape: including running, swimming, cycling, rope skipping, basketball, soccer, badminton, aerobics, yoga, sit-up, rowing machine, HIIT and other modes, and record your exercise data (step count, calories) so you can exercise Sport effectively. Enjoy swimming time with this IP68 waterproof fitness tracker!
  • iPhone and Android compatible smart watch: Applicable to most mobile phones with iOS 10.0 and above and Android 5.0 and above. Supports 7 days of daily use, 2 hours of standby for 15 days when fully charged (magnetic USB charging cable is included).
  • Smart notifications and practical features: When the smart watch is connected to the mobile phone, you can receive notifications of incoming calls, SMS messages and application notifications (note: you cannot receive messages or phone calls, you can only receive them). In standby mode, there are many useful functions such as alarm clock, music control, compass, calendar, stopwatch, timer, camera control, etc.

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