VirmeeSmart Smart Watch Sleep Track and Blood Oxygen
VirmeeSmart Smart Watch Sleep Track and Blood Oxygen

VirmeeSmart Fitness Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Track Blood Oxygen Sleep IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch for Women Men Compatible with iPhone Android

 When you wake up, the app shows you your personal sleep analysis!

Smart watches provide sleep results and sleep recommendations so that you can improve your sleep quality and develop better sleep patterns after analyzing your sleep.

The APP sleep analysis includes a detailed description of each stage of sleep, including light, deep, awake and rapid eye movements.

Among them, REM is a function that is different from the networked watches on the market. Reflects the state of brain activity during sleep, ie. NS. Whether he was dreaming or not.

 What group numbering should I see? Yes he is a cute dog!

In addition to the built-in watch interface, smartwatches also support custom background images. You can upload pictures of your kids, idols, selfies, dogs, cats on the watch face. Just raise your wrist to activate the watch screen and look at the wallpaper you have set.

 Hurry up, choose one of the 18 sports and get moving!

Running, swimming, open water, brisk walking, climbing, cycling, aerobics, basketball, badminton, soccer, dancing, yoga, rope skipping, sit-ups, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and snowboarding.

* You can view the exercise data on the smart watch immediately after the exercise.

* If your heart rate is outside the target range, the Bluetooth smartwatch will track your heart rate and vibration. (except for swimming)

VirmeeSmart Smart Watch Sleep Track and Blood Oxygen
VirmeeSmart Smart Watch Sleep Track and Blood Oxygen

  •  24-hour real-time heart rate tracking. If your heart rate is abnormal during exercise, the smartwatch will vibrate to remind you. It can help check heart health for atrial fibrillation after running.
  • 18 training modes - the training status can be saved. The smart watch supports 18 sports such as running, brisk walking, swimming, rope skipping, volleyball, basketball, football, mountain climbing, cycling, aerobics, yoga and dancing. More sports, more different scoring methods.
  • Sleep Monitoring - The smart watch has bluetooth technology that can automatically monitor your sleep at night. After waking up, you can use the app to get a sense of your sleep level, percentage of sleep stages (light, deep, awake, REM) and sleep recommendations. [Note: REM reflects the state of your brain's activity during sleep]
  • Custom wallpapers, upload your favorite photos, you can customize watch wallpapers for pets, kids, idols, selfies, etc. Just raise your hand to activate the screen. Your fashion is up to you.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android - Our app can connect to Apple Health and Google Fit apps and is compatible with iOS iPhone (10.0 and later) and Android (5.0 and later) smartphones. Comes with a magnetic USB charging cable. Use it on standby for 7 days, up to 15 days after 2 hours of charging.

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