Volity Anti-Lost Waterproof Device Tool Pet GPS Locator
Volity Anti-Lost Waterproof Device Tool Pet GPS Locator

Volity Cat Dog Mini Tracking Loss Prevention Locator | Waterproof Pet Locator Loss Tool | Two-way smart bluetooth device | Find wallets for kids

  •  This loser is a product based on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology. Using the APP software and mobile devices such as mobile phones to connect with Bluetooth, it is easy to combine the user's valuables and items (such as keys, wallets, etc.) to achieve the function of lost reminder, two-way search, remote control of camera shots (such as party photos, handbags, etc.) and photos personality, etc.).
  • The effective range of the device can be up to 25 metres. CR2032 button cells are readily available in supermarkets. The original brand battery can work for more than six months.
  • ★ iPhone: iPhone 11 and later can be used. Android phones: Android 8.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 and above.
  • ★ In order to improve battery life for mainstream Android models, the system is currently optimized to varying degrees and automatically cleans apps running in the background. If a lost device is used, the application must be configured and protected in the system to ensure normal operation.
  • ★ Although the setup steps are different for different brands of Android phones, they are the same. First, check the power saving mode of your mobile system and add the missing device app to the whitelist or the protected program to prevent the missing device/app from shutting down the system and causing false positives.

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