WanWayTech 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicle
WanWayTech 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicle

WanWayTech 4G GPS Tracker, Real Time OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Fuel Report, Vehicle Diagnostic (North American Module EC25-A)

 GS22 OBD GPS tracker, 4G technology, for UBI security, suitable for car owners, car rental, vehicle rental and fleet management.

GS22 is an OBD locator which has functions such as electronic fence, remote tracking, speed warning, etc. The terminal can meet the needs of related scenarios such as vehicle monitoring, vehicle recall and vehicle rental. GS22 is small in size and easy to install and maintain. The product has a built-in rechargeable 180 mAh battery. After shutdown, you can still send location data to the platform terminal. The disassembly device can achieve functions such as disassembly and alarm.

  •     Individual design: makes you feel comfortable.
  •     4G Technology: There are many 2G / 3G / 4G networks available that are specially designed for 4G networks
  •     OBD port: 16 pins are used for different vehicles, real-time tracking OBD port: update position every 10 seconds, keep tracking.
  •     Wifi connection: There are two versions (support wifi connection or not support wifi connection), you can choose the one you want.
  •     Operation Tracking: View your vehicle's tracking history to find useful information.
  •     Mileage Report: It can help you understand your mileage.
  •     Rapid acceleration/deceleration alarm: Detects bad driving behavior such as rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration
  •     Speed ​​Alert: When your speed exceeds the speed you set, an alert will be sent to remind you to be careful about safety.
  •     Electronic Fence Alarm: Users can set a set of circular, polygon or profile electronic fences on the map and an alarm will be issued when the device enters or leaves the preset area via APP or SMS.
  •     Smart Plug and Play: Easy to install, use 16 pins to connect the car's OBD connector.
  •     Platform / application / SMS query: platform, application, SMS and other ways to query the status of assets
WanWayTech 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicle
WanWayTech 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicle

  •     [4G Real-time Tracking and Precise Positioning - This device requires a SIM card, not included / 3G GSM signal coverage. View historical or real-time (180 days) activity from your computer, tablet or mobile phone through our reliable GPS tracking system or the WanWay app.
  •     [Geofence Smart Alert and Thief Tracking] Set geofence alerts to receive real-time notifications when entering or leaving a geofence area. Receive distress, speed alerts, vehicle diagnostics, fuel checks, and trigger tracking via app notifications, text messages or emails. Always monitor your vehicle and receive alerts when your vehicle is in motion as it can meet your vehicle monitoring needs, car rental and other related scenarios.
  •     [OBD-II 10S and 16-Port Real-Time Update - Based on the latest IoT technology, you can get real-time location and direction updates for 10 seconds; Our car GPS tracker is fast, reliable and compatible with 4G SIM cards. In addition, it is easy to install and connect. Simply plug this GPS vehicle tracker into the 16 OBD-II port under the dashboard of any vehicle. No battery needed.
  •     [NO HIDDEN FEES AND HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE] - We support one year free platform. After one year, the starting price is $1 per month (paid monthly, including all jobs - can be canceled at any time), no cancellation fee. Or you can choose an annual fee of $10 (paid annually) or $20 for life. In addition, we offer you a worry-free one-year warranty: Defective devices must be reported and returned within the warranty period, where the original packaging should be kept if possible.
  •     [CUSTOM LOGO, WARRANTY AND INSTALLATION ASSISTANCE] WANWAY TECH is a leading provider of high-tech IoT positioning services and a manufacturer of smart GPS trackers.

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