YUANHOT Charging Station Compatible with PS5 Controllers
YUANHOT Charging Station Compatible with PS5 Controllers

YUANHOT Charging Station Compatible with PS5 Grip, YUANHOT Upgrade Version [Add Above] Dual Use Console Charging Station Accessory 2.5 Hours Fast Charging

  •  YUANHOT Features: 2.5H fully charged for dual controller; It has been added to the top of the console to save space and can also be placed on the desktop for different usage scenarios; Click design, easy to use; Delivering the safest with our many transport protection systems; With LED display, charging status can be seen at a glance
  • Dual purpose: 1. Installed at the top of the console, it takes up very little space, and the design is well compatible with the design of the host (with excellent rubber stickers, non-slip, firm and non-vibrating. Does not affect heat dissipation.)); 2. Or connect the charging station, put it on the table near the console
  • 2.5 Hours Fast Charger: Charge both controllers at the same time. Built-in smart chip integration, safe overload or short circuit protection. Charging is done using the contacts on the bottom of the console instead of the USB-C port on the top, which is easy and convenient
  • Space saving: It does not take up as much space as the independent charging stand. Glue the top and secure the bottom with double-sided tape. Allows to charge the game console in a small space
  • Easy to use: just plug it into the console port. Much better than the one that was attached to the top of the console. It powers directly from the console's USB port and uses only one USB port. LED charging indicator for each charging port (red when charging, blue when charging or standby)

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