Snapchat gets exclusive social game from Zynga
Snapchat gets exclusive social game from Zynga

Mobile gaming giant Zynga has announced that it will soon launch a multiplayer social prank game called ReVamp on the Snapchat gaming platform.

ReVamp is clearly inspired by the popularity of games like Among Us. It is a real-time multiplayer game where players try to find vampires.

Zynga's description states that the goal of ReVamp players is to spot vampire players among their friends as they renovate rooms in the ancient mansion.

The game also has a voting wheel, and players decide to remove anyone they suspect of cheating. When team members disassemble and build, vampires must avoid suspicion when selecting human players as they perform mock missions around the house.

This is the third game that Zynga has released for the Snapchat gaming platform. But given the massive success among us, it seems to be getting more and more popular on Snapchat's growing gaming platform.

The first game is Bumped Out. This is a mini car game where players can control customizable vehicles and use their BitMoji avatars to compete against each other. The sequel to the multiplayer Tiny Royale shooter game.

Snapchat gets a new game from Zynga

Snap first introduced Snapchat in 2019. It features original and third-party games like BitMoji Party and Zombie Escape.

Since then, the company has also released interesting multiplayer games and collaborated with other developers.

So far this experiment appears to have been successful. Snap said in May that Snap Games has had more than 200 million players in the past two years. An increase from about 100 million a year ago.

Those 200 million people played games and apps called thumbnails across the platform. In addition, about 30 million users play Snap games every month. Altogether, the platform has more than 500 million monthly active users.

“We are excited to continue working with Snap to create exciting new games that integrate seamlessly with the social mechanisms of their platform,” Zynga said. ReVamp reinvents the genre of social cheating games for human and vampire players of all skill levels.

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