Snapchat wants to teach you the basics of sign language
Snapchat wants to teach you the basics of sign language

Snapchat introduced new AR lenses and stickers to help you learn sign language quickly.

The company created personalized posters and three augmented reality lenses to honor the International Week of the Deaf, led by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing team members.

As a result, these new features have been carefully designed to include advice and feedback from deaf and hard of hearing employees across the company.

Its new augmented reality lens uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology from SignAll, a deaf-focused Hungarian tech startup, to recognize and translate American Sign Language.

SignAll has developed hand-tracking technology to translate sign language into spoken language. The company launched the Ace ASL mobile app for iOS in April. And for Android earlier this month.

When you use your fingers to form a single letter to spell a word, the lens shows you how to spell it with your fingers. Other new destinations will teach you how to spell your username with your fingers. Except for some common words like "love", "smile" and "hug".

You can scan the Snapcodes below to access them, then share your clips with your friends in the chat to demonstrate additional features.

In addition, the platform has also introduced new generic selfie stickers for Bitmoji and Cameos displaying some of the commonly used terms.

Snapchat launches a new feature to celebrate Deaf Week

The platform hopes that these new elements will raise awareness and help more people learn a new medium,” said Jenica Bounds, the company's software engineer for the deaf who is a key figure on the project.

She added, "My biggest motivation is my eldest son who loves to talk. But he has struggled with learning American Sign Language. I am excited about this technology because I believe it opens the door to many uses. Technologies like this can help families like me connect and grow together."

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