The competition between Apple and Facebook over user privacy
The competition between Apple and Facebook over user privacy

Recently, all kinds of users have taken an interest in privacy on the Internet. Especially after the war between Facebook and Apple started. The second is known for its keen interest in the privacy and safety of users of its products. Facebook does not.

Facebook's reason is understandable because business is all about advertising. If you do not collect user data, you will not be able to target ads to users. Apple has announced a new feature included in iOS 15 that will allow users to prevent apps from being tracked.

This means that iPhone users can prevent Facebook from tracking their internet usage on iPhone. So Facebook cannot collect any data and cannot target these users with ads.

No doubt, this feature is very useful for Apple's marketing. The company's website makes it clear that the company cares about the privacy and security of its users, while putting Facebook in a very bad position.

According to recent reports, Facebook is currently considering suing Apple. In addition, he began to empathize with users, explaining that his model enables small businesses and businesses to target interested customers at the lowest possible cost. Using this new method can hinder these projects.

Protect user data between Apple and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg said at an internal meeting in January that Apple would not only provide this feature to protect privacy. However, this is done to put pressure on Facebook and its competitors. He also stated that Apple uses its position and control of a large portion of the smartphone market (especially in the US) to influence Facebook.

The first report later emerged showing that Facebook is considering filing a lawsuit against Apple. Tim Cook spoke about this later at the Information Technology, Privacy and Data Protection conference.

He said here that technology should in no way compromise user privacy and security. At the time, he did not mention or mention Facebook's name directly. However, Tim Cook's position is clear as he is against collecting user data for any purpose.

iOS offers a wide range of data protection features. The system allows users to understand what data is being collected and how it is being collected. Most effective, however, is the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) functionality, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.

There is no doubt that Apple's concern for user privacy has fueled the company and its products. On the other hand, Facebook's reputation for user privacy and security has never been so good.

However, the new anti-tracking feature could have a huge impact on small business owners. Mainly because Facebook has said that using untargeted ads - due to blocking of tracking and data collection - will lead to a reduction in sales of up to 60%.

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