The new Apple Watch has a new look
The new Apple Watch has a new look

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 7, and it looks a little different from its predecessors and uses a redesigned Retina display with more screen space and thinner bezels, making it the most popular display.

The narrower bezel allows for more screen space while the watch itself changes size slightly. Although the watch is not the largest. But all this should be more readable.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 7 has been improved, corners are smoother and more rounded, and the screen uses chipped edges to connect the watch face and apps to fill the screen seamlessly as the case curves.

Apple Watch Series 7 also features a user interface optimized for larger screens for better readability and ease of use, as well as two unique watch faces, Contour and Modular Duo, designed specifically for new devices.

The bezel around the screen is thinner, only 1.7 mm, and the brightness of the Always On Display mode is increased by 70%.

The company claims that you can fill in 50% more text on the entire screen compared to the sixth series. The new screen also means a new way to interact, a full keyboard that supports swipe.

The larger screen doesn't mean it's more sensitive as the company claims it's crack-resistant and now has an IP6X dust rating and a WR50 water resistance rating, which means it should be able to hit the sand when snorkeling on the beach. Or other things dealing with dusty environment.

The latest watches continue to offer essential health and wellness tools such as electrical heart sensors, EKG-3 applications, blood oxygen sensors and applications.

The small watch has gone from 40mm to 41mm and the large watch from 44mm to 45mm. This makes these watches the company's largest to date.

The new Apple Watch has a whole new look

This small watch is now only 1 mm smaller than the larger watch released in 2014.

But a bigger case doesn't mean you have a bigger device on your wrist. Apple Watch Series 7 battery life is expected to be longer. Series 6 offers up to 18 hours of battery life.

Apart from the changes mentioned above, the Series 7 is very similar to the Series 6: the same sensors and processors have not been redesigned as well as the supposedly large housing.

Like the Series 6, the new Series 7 can offer up to 18 hours of battery life. Includes a charger that charges via USB-C instead of USB-A. Download speed can be increased up to 33%.

More importantly, the company claims that 8 minutes of charging can provide up to 8 hours of battery life.

There are five colors for this watch which are black, gold, blue and the usual red, except for the dark green that appears in stages with the new solid wearer.

In addition to the extended updates for the Apple Watch, the company has also added new functions to Watch OS 8.

And now outdoor driving has even better support. If you stop or take a break in the light, the exercise should stop automatically.

Fall Support is now also available in exercise. Therefore, if you fall while exercising, the watch can call emergency services.

Additionally, the new Series 7 starts at $399. It will be available later this fall.

"Apple Watch Series 7 offers significant upgrades from our largest and most advanced screen for increased durability and faster charging, making the world's best smartwatch better than ever," the company said. With watchOS 8 support, Apple Watch introduces useful new features to help customers stay connected, track their activities and exercises, and better understand their health.

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