Twitter expands access to business accounts
Twitter expands access to business accounts

Twitter hopes to maintain its leadership position by developing two new projects, giving brands and content creators even more opportunities.

The platform is now inviting more businesses to request a professional account test so that brands can view more business information in the additional dedicated area within the account.

Business accounts add many new display elements to your presence on the platform. Add a list of business locations (users can click to open them in Google Maps). Opening times and contact details. All this can be found in the new module under the main account view.

The platform launched an initial test of the Pro account in April, and more companies are now receiving notifications about this feature in their inboxes.

This may indicate that the option is about to be fully deployed. As the platform is also experimenting with new corporate tokens and shaping their industry, the next election looks imminent.

In addition, the platform has expanded access to the ticketing area, which opened for public applications for the first time in June.

So not everyone can access it. But from now on, more and more people will have the option to host paid audio rooms where they can generate direct income for their efforts.

Twitter encourages sound room maintenance

The platform charges 3% of the paid audio room fee. But you also have to consider the cost of the App Store, which reduces the overall percentage of content creators.

For example, on iOS, if a room ticket costs $5, you get $2.80 for each ticket sold, 70 cents goes to Twitter and $1.50 to Apple.

However, this option still provides another opportunity to generate income and can encourage more people to use the spaces. While interest in social audio products is generally waning, it appears to have lost some of its original motivation.

At the same time, it is not clear what the platform is doing to further promote Discover Spaces.

In the past few months, the platform has developed a new in-app label for sound room. This gives users an easy way to access the broadcast at any time.

But with the introduction of the Community feature last week, another tab has been added to the bottom bar.

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