Twitter is testing a new option to remove specific followers
Twitter is testing a new option to remove specific followers

As part of a larger goal to give users more control, Twitter has conducted the first field test of its new process to remove certain followers from its audience, eliminating the need for a ban.

Participants in the new quiz can now select 'Remove this subscriber' directly from the list of options for each individual user in the 'Participants' view.

Users will not receive notifications that have been deleted and will be able to follow you back if they wish. However, this option provides a less intrusive way to remove people you no longer want to include in your tweets.

The platform has been testing this option for the past few weeks, and app researcher Alessandro Palozzi (Alessandro Palozzi) has overseen the removal for the past month.

The platform also mentions this option in its recently released upcoming controls, which may also include options to archive old tweets, remove threads of tweets, and hide your favorites.

The overall goal is to give users more options to manage interactions in the app and to avoid unnecessary sharing.

The platform added a new Safe Mode option last week that allows users to automatically block group mentions from their accounts to avoid a backlog of tweets.

The ability to quickly and easily remove subscribers helps reduce confrontation while avoiding future problems.

Twitter is testing a new option to remove specific followers

The ability to remove followers is also useful for brands as it makes it easier for companies to conduct follower audits, which can help improve audience analysis and performance.

When your audience includes actual and potential customers, your tweet analytics data is relevant. Chances are anyone will buy from your brand based on your message.

If half of your fans never listen to you, there's no point in knowing the best time to tweet.

You can also improve performance by better understanding who is watching and interacting with the videos in your Tweets.

The reach of your Tweets depends on how you interact with the Tweets. Therefore, removing inactive subscribers or who never participated can help improve your data and subsequent application performance.

Twitter's new "Delete Followers" option is currently being tested in the web version of the app.

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