Twitter is testing a new visual editor that includes the Fleets tool
Twitter is testing a new visual editor that includes the Fleets tool

Twitter is testing a new feature that will essentially allow users to take full advantage of Fleets functionality when re-editing regular tweets.

When it announced a story-style pull of Fleets last month, the platform said it was drawing lessons from Fleets and applying them to new development areas.

Thanks to applied researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, we have a preliminary understanding of what these new elements could be.

The new process allows you to add stickers, text, etc. to your uploaded videos and photos and then attach them to your tweets to make them more present and creative in your feed.

Paluzzi also noted that the new editor can also be used to load visual text with a color background in real time. So you basically have more functionality to upload your tweets and all Fleets tools are built into this new editor.

The fleet did not see much participation. But the company's CEO, Jack Dorsey, noted that it has sparked more activity from a larger user base.

Twitter doesn't want to end the fleet forever

As full-screen visual platforms like TikTok change user habits, new visual editors can increase use cases by providing more of these options in tweets.

The tool is developed and the platform owns the Fleets framework. With that in mind, incorporating these elements means that the time the platform spends developing the fleet is not wasted.

Even if no one uses them, they are add-ons. In a way, this seems like a very logical addition.

The platform may also want to add more content to the visual editor, as last year it received the Chroma Stories app.

And it doesn't seem like the platform wants to integrate the full functionality of Chroma Stories into Fleet. So, by providing yet another visual tool, it can always create new options to improve tweets and increase engagement.

There is currently no official information on the project. But given the experience of existing fleet tools, it makes sense.

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