Twitter is testing other options to avoid negative interactions
Twitter is testing other options to avoid negative interactions

Twitter has discovered new control options that can help users avoid negative interactions and pressure associated with Tweets if they are the target of abuse.

Abuse has always been an issue on Twitter, and since its inception, the platform's toxicity has been a huge source of controversy and blame. But the platform is working hard to fix this problem.

After years of seemingly limited actions, the platform has introduced a number of new control options over the past 12 months, including limiting control of responses from unliked commenters, and warning about malicious or abusive responses being problematic. I got a warning. The tweets received negative attention.

The platform initially developed new "Filters" and "Limit" options designed to help users exclude potentially harmful content from their responses - and the people who created them.

The new option allows you to automatically filter replies with offensive comments or replies from users who tweet you frequently but never interact with them. You can also prevent these accounts from replying to your Tweets in the future.

The filter option can also mean that the replies you want to hide will not be visible in the app to anyone except the person who tweeted, for example b- the "hide comments" option from Facebook.

This represents a major change in approach, and the platform allows users to hide content from their viewpoint in the app. But others can still see it. The filter control allows a single user to hide these comments.

Twitter asks for feedback while investigating features

Additionally, the platform is developing a new alert alert that alerts users to conflicting comment sections before they proceed. Reminders can also encourage users to be more considerate during the Tweeting process.

The platform is also developing a new "word filter" function, which is an extension of the existing keyword blocking. It relies on an automatic detection system to filter out potentially offensive comments.

This option has a separate switch to automatically filter hate words and insults. This is based on Twitter's discovery system, which provides another way to reduce unnecessary annoyances in apps.

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